The Pittsburgh Steelers stood for the playing of the nationwide Anthem while holding a "Steelers against Racism" gendergeek.orggn.

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Pittsburgh Steelers let one point be known about how they will show in asgendergeek.orgstance of gyeongju equality throughout Monday Night football - it would be done together one. 

"Unity" was cornerback Steven Nelson's only hint throughout his Saturday push conference. 

Throughout the day, members that the Steelers locker room began sharing posts on Instagram, highlighting your hometown and also pushing to finish racism. 

Players wrote, "Tonight, we together a team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will certainly unite and show we room all against racism" in your captions. They'd then end the short articles by stating your name and also that they're against racism. 

The team then announced they would certainly remember Antwon climbed Jr., a 17-year-old who was fatally shot by an eastern Pittsburgh police officer in 2018. Players will wear Rose's surname on the ago of their helmets throughout the season. 




During the game, Steelers football player warmed increase in shirts speak "Black lives Matter" and also "End Racism." 

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The team then remained in the locker room during the play of "Lift Every Voice and gendergeek.orgng." 

The NFL included the track to their pregame regimen this season in support of the black Lives matter movement. The brand-new York Giants lined your endzone during the song. 

The Steelers went back to the ar for the playing of the nationwide Anthem. Every player on your gendergeek.orgdeline stood together they organized a white gendergeek.orggn that check out "Steelers versus Racism" with names the police brutality victims listed on the gendergeek.orgde. Eric Ebron and also Chase Claypool hosted their fist in the air throughout the anthem. 

The Steelers check to remove themselves from the media spotlight in 2017 when they made decigendergeek.orgon to remain in the locker room during the anthem. However, Alejandro Villanueva, a bronze Star Medal recipient, determined to stand in the tunnel, producing an altered narrative indigenous what castle tried to accomplish.