Much has happened come the Brown family since "Sister Wives" first premiered top top TLC in 2010 (via IMDb). America has watched Kody Brown and also his wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — face criticism for your plural marriage and teeter toward divorce. Not to point out that totality catfish incident that totally rocked the family members and impacted Meri"s connection with Kody. Aside from these really public connection problems, sisters Wives fans recognize there is another continuous in the truth show"s storyline: moving. Special, Kody pack up his wives and their 18 children and also relocating to states an ext accepting the the family"s lifestyle (via Starcasm).

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Since us were an initial introduced come the Browns in 2010, the family members has relocated indigenous Utah to ras Vegas, prior to moving again in 2019 to Flagstaff, Arizona. Unfortunately, the Browns to be unable come offload your four homes prior to packing up and also moving to Arizona, leading to big-time stress and also loads the tension. The Browns revealed on the display that they were "financially ... Drowning" (via Distractify) because they were paying for five mortgages. Five!

It take it Kody some time and some an imaginative marketing tactics to aid lure potential buyers come the four houses located in a gated neighborhood in ras Vegas (via Realtor), but eventually, all four dwellings officially sold.

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The "Sister Wives" stars might be handling some blows in their an individual lives yet they"ve fared pretty fine in the genuine estate arena. And also all TLC fans understand the Brown family could use a win given the controversies they"ve faced, which encompass being kicked the end of your church. 

Robyn"s house, i m sorry was originally purchased for about $445,000, according to Realtor, was sold first in February 2019 for $603,000. The 2nd to go was Janelle"s 4,238-square-foot home. She purchased the home in 2012 for $443,700 and also sold it for $575,000 in April 2019 after ~ reducing the price native $649,000 to $574,900. Meri was able to make a profit on her five-bedroom home, which she purchased for $447,017 in 2013. She marketed the 3.5-bath building for $574,900. Christine"s home sat on the industry a tiny longer. She initially purchased the five-bedroom residence for $443,315 in 2012 and also was lastly able to offer the home after slashing the price 5 times from its original listing price the $675,000. It eventually sold in September 2019 because that $535,000 (via Radar Online).

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Selling all those properties method the Browns have the right to at the very least shake off some of their gaue won stressors.