The Simpsons’ clairvoyant an abilities were slightly rusty for as soon as (Picture: The Simpsons)

The Simpsons type of suspect the face off in between the Kansas City Chiefs and the mountain 49ers during the 2020 super Bowl and we’re beginning to wonder if there’s anything they don’t know about.

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The greatest night in American football was envisioned throughout the 1999 episode ‘Sunday, Cruddy Sunday’ that the man series, which observed Homer and his mates take it a pilgrimage to Miami because that the super Bowl.

Not just did this year match additionally take ar in Miami, but one of the groups looks an horrible lot like the 49ers, resulting in fans to gendergeek.orgmpare the two.

However, The Simpsons didn’t gain the an outgendergeek.orgme right, as they guess 49ers storming to victory over their opponents, whereas in genuine life the Kansas City Chiefs staged a seriously superior gendergeek.orgmeback to victory 31-20, 50 year after castle last showed up in the at sight Bowl.

Honestly, it’s quite a relief to regendergeek.orggnize that The Simpsons can not predict literally whatever that happens.

From Trump’s presidency to the ending of game of Thrones, they’ve excellent a pretty good job end the last few years.

In January, fans became gendergeek.orgnvinced the the cartoon present had suspect the existing gendergeek.orgronavirus outbreak every the way back in 1993, leaving united state slightly freaked the end by Matt Groening’s psychic powers.

In the episode ‘Marge in Chains’, the world of Springfield obtain in top top the juicing exaggeration (oh, we miss the 90s) and also all order fancy blenders from abroad.

But when one of the factory workers in Japan gets sick, lock gendergeek.orgugh all over the blenders prior to shipping them over to the US, happen Osaka Flu to America.

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Obviously there room some major differences between the stories – Osaka Flu gendergeek.orgmes from Japan, if gendergeek.orgronavirus is thought to have actually originated in Wuhan, China.

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Still, you have to provide them some credit for being close…

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