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The family members in the documentary. roll Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

After numerous months that filming, there to be 43 hrs of footage of the family members going around their day-to-day routines. In this scene, the family is the town hall a model ship at Sandringham home in Norfolk, England.

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Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Philip. Mirrorpix/ Getty

The documentary filmed in number of locations, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Balmoral Castle, the imperial yacht, the royal train, and the royal personal jet.


Queen Elizabeth II and US Ambassador Walter Annenberg. rolfes Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

Ambassador Walter Annenberg met v the Queen at Buckingham Palace.


The imperial family and president Nixon. rolfes Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

Upon greeting president Nixon, you can hear the Queen ask, "World problems are therefore complex, aren"t lock now?"

The documentary likewise showed the household carrying the end day-to-day activities, favor decorating a Christmas tree.

Prince Philip and also Queen Elizabeth II. Bettmann/ Getty

The film was criticized by some for trivializing the royal family. Sir David Attenborough said the "Royal Family" to be "killing the monarchy."

Prince Phillip. Keystone/ Getty

Before the film, countless didn"t view Prince Philip"s artistic side. That calls self an artist and loves to repaint landscapes.

The battle each other of Edinburgh to be a huge proponent of the film, together he want to bring the royal family into the modern-day era. By showcasing a various side the the family, he hoped the reinvigorate people"s attention in the monarchy.

The royal family. rolfes Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have 4 children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne. roll Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

In this photo, the royal children feed a horse sugar cubes. Princess Anne would go top top to come to be an Olympic equestrian.

Prince Charles, Andrew, and also Edward. roll Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

The family members is play bagatelle at Sandringham home in Norfolk, England.

Even Princess Margaret — the Queen's sister — make appearances in the film v her two children.

Princess Margaret and her children. Bettmann/ Getty

The princess posed v her two children, Lady buy it Chatto and Viscount Linley, at Windsor lock for the documentary.

Prince Charles. roll Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

Ahead that his investiture, the film was meant to present Prince Charles come the nation as that future king.

Prince Charles. rolls Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

In part scenes, you can see the prince researching in his room at the famed university.

Prince Charles. roll Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

Less 보다 a month after the premiere, Prince Charles had actually his investiture at Caernarfon lock in Wales.

Prince Charles and Prince Philip. rolls Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

It"s been speculated the the two princes had a strained relationship.

The royal family. rolls Press/ Popperfoto/ Getty

The documentary set out to prove the royal family members was just like any British family. To some extent, the film succeeded.

"It redefined the nation"s check out of the Queen," Paul Moorhouse, the former curator of the national Portrait Gallery, said the daily Telegraph. "The audience to be amazed to be able to hear the Queen speak spontaneously, and also to see her in a residential setting."

Others thought the film had actually the the contrary effect. Some stated it emphasize the family"s stuffy nature, while rather felt it took far the "magic" the the royals because they were watched doing day-to-day things like food preparation sausages.

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In 1970, Buckingham royal residence relegated the movie to the royal archives, so it was never to it is in aired again there is no the permission of the Queen. This effectively banned the film from being shown and, because then, only brief clips stay in the public.