Those that follow Little People, large World understand all about Matt and also Amy Roloff’s past. The pair is now divorced, and also Amy offered Matt her half of Roloff ranches to him and also moved off the property. And fans space now getting to see exactly how every little thing unfolded with the new season the the show.

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It seems Matt couldn’t wait for Amy to obtain off that Roloff ranches ASAP. Here’s what that said.

Amy Roloff to be reluctant to make a rushed decision concerning her half of Roloff Farms


Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News’ ‘Today’ present | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire

Moving turn off of Roloff farms was one incredibly daunting conclusion because that Amy to come to. She had 30 years worth of storage in the large farmhouse, and also leaving it all behind to be an emotional experience. Because that this reason, she was reluctant to make any rushed decisions as soon as it concerned what she would carry out with her fifty percent of the farm even though she already bought another home to move into.

On LPBW, Matt gave Amy an offer. That told she he’d buy her fifty percent of the farm, and he would give her 6 weeks to make a decision. Unfortunately, Amy still felt favor this to be a chop timeline, together Matt offered her the offer roughly the vacation season.

“I don’t think he’s enabling enough time for this type of deal to walk through,” Amy said. “For me, a couple of weeks to market a large chunk of actual estate and also a service that we started together, I have to push the emotion part of the out. Yet it’s tough for me to execute that.”

Matt Roloff claimed why he want Amy off the farm yard in ‘Little People, big World’

Little People, big World's Matt and also Amy Roloff have actually officially filed for divorce:

— united state Weekly (
usweekly) June 6, 2015

Ultimately, we recognize Amy accepted Matt’s proposal, as she sold her fifty percent of Roloff farms to him. But it’s clear the exes had a different procedure for just how they wished to go about things. If Amy want time, Matt want Amy the end ASAP. And also he explained why top top the show.

“The large reason I want to acquire this done is because that the family to have some closure,” Matt described to the camera. “And i think Amy agrees v that.”

Matt then went ~ above to talk to his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, around his idea to buy Amy out. And also she additionally made a few comments around how Amy’s slow-moving v her decision process.

“I try to help Matt table his expectations through Amy because she’s not gonna change,” Caryn said the camera. “She’s never ever gonna do a quick decision.”

Amy eventually sold her fifty percent of the farm yard to Matt

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It wasn’t simple for Amy to move off the Roloff Farms and get supplied to her new place, but it was all for the best. According to Radar Online, reports present Amy offered her fifty percent of the farm yard for $667,000.

Now, every eyes are on Matt to check out what he does v the farm. He’s talked about selling the before, together it’s a lot of work because that him come take care of once he’s nearing retirement age. And it seems either of his sons, Jeremy or Zach, might be interested in taking over eventually, which would keep the farm building in the family.

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As because that the immediate future, it seems Roloff ranches will be open up for pumpkin season in 2020 despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) setbacks. And also Amy will certainly take part in pumpkin season, too. “I’ll be over there in costume helping out in the fall pumpkin season festivities,” she defined on Instagram. “Hope to see several of you over there in mask and to speak hi.”

We’ll proceed to clock LPBW to check out what else happens in between Matt and also Amy when it concerns the farm yard property.