How go Dwayne Johnson rank amongst other movie stars trying their hand at musicals for the an initial time?


Dwayne Johnson is a guy of plenty of talents. He is taken over the people of wrestling, TV, and film with loved one ease, powered by an unstoppable job-related ethic and also the protein that a thousands cods. And also in the upcoming Disney movie musical Moana, he’ll set his sights ~ above a new realm: singing.

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On Monday, a new clip the Johnson’s personality crooning a song from the film shows us what he’s functioning with. Right here he is, performing “You’re Welcome”—a brand-new song created by Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda, a multi-hyphenate who wears as numerous hats as The Rock. Take it a moment to listen, and also then fine dissect it together as a class.

So, there you have it: The Rock’s to sing voice. It’s sort of precisely what you’d expect—conversational, charming, and also certainly not too vocally demanding. The Moana monitor isn't as superior as several of his past musical attempts, prefer that time the performed Sam Cooke's “You Send Me” on The this evening Show v Jay Leno (watch it here and also be moved).

Though Disney musicals have a long background of casting stars v flawless voices (Idina Menzel in Frozen, because that example), you nothing always require a vocal superstar in a supporting duty like this. Sometimes, an really superstar prefer Johnson will certainly do. In various other cases, the studio will tag team an actor v a well known singer, like Disney did with Bill Murray and also Kermit Ruffins because that The jungle Book.

And hey, if nothing else: a to sing Rock fares far far better than, say, Pierce Brosnan walk in Mamma Mia!, or Russell Crowe walk in Les Misérables. It’s up to you to decision whether or not he's also far better than Fast franchise co-star (and potential former candy ass) Vin Diesel, whose very own dulcet tones collection a pretty high bar.

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