Ellzey beat Susan bright in a runoff election for the U.S. House Seat in Texas" 6th Congressional District, which contains sections of Tarrant, Ellis and also Navarro Counties.

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Republican Jake Ellzey of Texas winner a U.S. House seat on Tuesday night end a competitor backed through Donald Trump, dealing the former president a defeat in a check of his proof power because leaving office.

Ellzey"s come-from-behind victory over Republican Susan Wright, the widow the the so late Rep. Ron Wright, in a unique congressional choice runoff near Dallas is most likely to be commemorated by trump antagonists who have warned versus his continued hold on the GOP.

Ellzey to be carrying more than 53% of the vote in Texas" sixth Congressional district with outcomes from practically all precincts reported.

"One of things that we"ve seen from this campaign is a hopeful outlook, a Reagan Republican outlook, for the future that our nation is what the human being of the sixth District really really want," Ellzey stated to supporters following his victory.

The runoff election came down to the 2 Republicans in a gyeongju to success Rep. Ron Wright, who in February became the first member of conference to dice after being diagnosed through COVID-19.

Susan Wright, a GOP party activist and widow the the so late congressman, brought the proof of Trump into the one-of-a-kind election runoff through Ellzey, a Republican state legislator who is donate by previous Gov. Rick Perry.

Few distinctions in policy separated the candidates, giving the race in north Texas the feeling of a GOP primary.

Far from running on one anti-Trump platform, Ellzey did not try distancing self from the twice-impeached previous president. He instead sought to get over the absence of Trump"s backing by raising more money and showing off other endorsements, including the support of former Texas Gov. Stack Perry.

Trump had endorsed Susan Wright beforehand in the distinct election, tape-recorded a robocall for she late in the runoff and headlined a telephone rally v voters on the eve of Tuesday"s election. Make America an excellent Action, a political activity committee chaired by former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, likewise made a $100,000 ad buy over the weekend.

But the outcome may show the limits of his influence with voters. Republicans have continued making loyalty to trumped paramount because his loss in November, also as Trump proceeds to falsely and baselessly assert the the election was stolen.

The north Texas district won by Ellzey -- that narrowly shed the GOP nomination for the chair in 2018 -- has actually long been Republican territory. However Trump"s support in the ar had also plummeted: ~ winning it by double-digits in 2016, he carried it by just 3 percent points critical year, reflecting the tendency of Texas" booming suburbs shifting to purple and, in some places, outright blue.

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Wright to be the top vote-getter for Texas’ sixth Congressional ar in may to arise from a crowded field of nearly two dozen candidates that had both Republicans and Democrats and also a Libertarian and Independent candidate.

In the might election, wright hauled in 4,000 more votes 보다 runner-up Ellzey. The top autonomous candidate, Jana Lynn Sanchez, narrowly missed securing 2nd place, and a clues in the runoff, by just 254 votes.