Someone hoisted a baby during the scoreboard dance-off and the Fenway crowd exploded. "Baby! Baby!" lock chanted. Once the DJ played Mr. Brightside by The Killers in the 6th inning, the whole crowd sang along, nailing every lyric. In the Red Sox dugout, postseason-ineligible infielder Jose Iglesias hugged everyone who gotten in his airspace, a grinning cyclone the isn"t-this-amazing energy.

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Stop me if girlfriend heard this recently, yet a large party broke out at Fenway Park top top Monday night, and the only people not having actually the time of their lives were the Houston Astros.

Two grand slams on Saturday weren"t enough for you? then Kyle Schwarber added another, a majestic second-inning Schwarbomb that sent the crowd right into a frenzy resembling one of those crazy raves in a matrix sequel.

Tomase: Cora"s Red Sox room reaping the rewards indigenous this key adjustment

Need an additional pitcher to believe in not called Nathan Eovaldi? speak hello come Eduardo Rodriguez, whose every begin from here on out might be his critical in a Red Sox uniform. Mr. Inconsistent is unexpectedly rediscovering his 19-win kind of 2019, and not a minute too soon. He delivered six outstanding innings. Six! Starters deserve to still carry out that!

This one was over therefore early, manager Alex Cora started emptying his bench in the seventh inning. He provided postseason monster Kiké Hernández a rest, but not before he videotaped two much more hits; perhaps the Astros can take solace in keeping him in the park.

The cheering, the dancing, the laughing, the freaking infant -- the might"ve lasted all night, other than the Red Sox require to obtain on through the organization of dispatching the Astros and also preparing come visit one of two people Atlanta or Los Angeles because that the most unexpected World collection appearance in the history of this storied franchise.

Let"s just dispense with any other possibility. The Red Sox are going to the world Series. And the way they"re play now, permit the Braves and Dodgers combine rosters, due to the fact that the Sox just can win that anyway.

And let"s just dispense with any other possibility. The Red Sox space going to the human being Series. And the means they"re play now, allow the Braves and also Dodgers integrate rosters, due to the fact that the Sox just could win that anyway.

On Monday lock obliterated the Astros behind one more offensive barrage that contained their third grand slam in two games -- a record for a solitary postseason collection -- and also home runs from Christian Arroyo, J.D. Martinez, and Rafael Devers, who seems blessed through two an excellent arms again.

By the end of the 12-3 throttling, the volume crowd had collectively shared in enough joy to strength the Pru because that a month.

It"s yes sir if you didn"t see this coming. No one did. Cora"s many illuminating answer of the postseason come the day prior to Game 1 of the ALCS in an answer to a basic question: "When did you realize this team might win a world Series?"

Caught slightly off guard, Cora successfully admitted the thought had only struck him recently. No shame in that. We"re all appropriate there with him.

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"You recognize what, ns woke up today and I was like, "We"re four games far from the civilization Series,"" he said last Wednesday. "We win four games and also we"re best there."

That number is now down to two, and also it just feels meant to be. The Astros have absolutely no pitching. Zack Greinke will be lucky to critical an inning in game 4, and also their finest remaining pitcher at this allude might it is in me.

So carry your babies. Find out all the words come some more early-2000s alt rock. Re-publishing a hug with Jose Iglesias. The Red Sox have currently closed the end two series at Fenway, and they"ve obtained their sights collection on two more.