The ras Vegas Raiders space at the crossroads after ~ consecutive periods of mediocrity. Lock haven’t been to the playoffs due to the fact that 2016 and are in a division with Patrick Mahomes, odds of one AFC West title space slim.

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How carry out they gain over the hump?

There’s many of potential sprinkled throughout the las Vegas Raiders roster. If this team wants to snap the playoff drought, players need to elevate your game. Otherwise, the autumn after the season could prove i have lot of money for Derek Carr, Mike Mayock, and also others.

Here are five reasons why i think the Raiders have the right to play playoff football this season.

1. Familiarity, cohesion for Derek Carr and Jon Gruden

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Carr’s career with the Raiders has been an interesting case. A second-round pick in 2014, he currently blew past at an early stage expectations. However is he great enough to command his team come the playoffs? That stays to be seen.

Granted, Carr’s supporting cast hasn’t been an especially strong. Regulating what the can, Carr has steadily improved yearly in Jon Gruden’s system. Gruden controlled to success a supervisor Bowl through Brad Johnson. Carr is absolutely more capable together a quarterback 보다 Johnson ever was.

Derek Carr stats (2018): 4,049 happen yards, 19/10 TD/INT ratio, 68.9% completion rate, 7.3 ypa, 93.9 passer ratingDerek Carr stats (2019): 4,054 happen yards, 21/8 TD/INT ratio, 70.4% completion rate, 7.9 ypa, 100.8 passer ratingDerek Carr stats (2020): 4,103 happen yards, 27/9 TD/INT ratio, 67.3% completion rate, 7.9 ypa, 101.4 passer rating

It’s not unreasonable to say we’ve yet to see the ideal Carr has to offer. If Carr’s playmakers become much more consistent, there’s no reason why the 2021 soccer season can not be his best.

2. Darren Waller’s a difficult cover

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You could argue Raiders don’t have actually a No. 1 broad receiver. Yet does that really matter? have actually you seen Darren Waller? he is a better offensive weapon 보다 a many teams rely on every Sunday.

Standing in ~ 6’6 and also being maybe to operation a 4.46 40-yard dash, Waller is the an interpretation of a size-speed freak in the NFL. Those room my favorite types of players. Surely, Waller has become one of Carr’s favorite players too.

Most linebackers room too sluggish to store up and most members the the secondary are much shorter than Waller by half a foot or more. Over there isn’t a solitary NFL defender that is as tall, have the right to jump together high, and also is as fast as Waller. Because that that factor alone, Waller is a tough matchup for any kind of opponent.

While 1,000-yard periods would indicate otherwise, he is still finding out the nuances of playing tight end. Travis Kelce and George Kittle are perennial All-Pro selections, however Waller is on the verge of beginning that region quickly.


3. Homegrown talent meshes through Gus Bradley’s teaching

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The Raiders have actually searched desperately for a quality edge rusher ever because the Khalil Mack trade. Mayock got to for Clelin Ferrell in ~ No. 4 in 2019. This offseason, ras Vegas signed Yannick Ngakoue.

Having a solid rotation that rushers should assist take some press off Ferrell. Though he at first struggled in the pros, his PFF grade native 62.3 as a rookie come 76.1 in his second season. Store in mind they still have Maxx Crosby, who arguably their second-best happen rusher.

In the secondary, the Raiders have drafted 4 players v premium picks in the previous three years. This details unit is pivotal to the Raiders’ defense improving or struggling in 2021.

Hiring Gus Bradley as protective coordinator can be simply what this young an additional needs. Remember, Bradley was involved with the Seahawks’ Legion the Boom. At 6-foot-2, Trayvon Mullen has the right size because that Bradley’s defense to complement up versus larger receivers.

Reminding part fans of Jack Tatum, Jonathan Abram is the hard-hitting missile that constantly goes 100%. Sometimes this deserve to hold him back, as he overcommits and gets shed in coverage. Other times, his energy can it is in contagious.

Newcomer Trevon Moehrig and Abram kind one that the hardest-hitting safety and security combos in the NFL. Going throughout the middle in Vegas could lead to plenty of receivers being left out to dried in the desert.

Damon Arnette has actually just nine games under his belt. With no 2020 preseason, first-year players such together Arnette shed out on beneficial reps. After ~ a regular offseason, he should be able to hit the soil running through a complete training camp.

For everything reason, the Raiders have actually consistently reached when drafting football player under Mayock and also Gruden. If several of these overdrafted prospects nothing develop, the warm seat will certainly reach uncomfortable levels in las Vegas.

4. Homefield advantage with fans invited at Allegiant Stadium

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Expected to be at complete capacity throughout the NFL year because that the first time because being developed in 2020, Allegiant Stadium will certainly be a raucous environment with Raider country filling the seats. In fact, the upcoming season supplies the public’s an initial chance to also see las Vegas Raiders football played in person.

Once fans are able to acquire a feeling for the compete nature the this football team in 2021, intend “The fatality Star” to be among the loudest environments in agree football.

We all know just how excited Raider nation gets, yet that was in the black color Hole. We’ve however to see just how much the fan frenzy walk in las vegas for skilled football. If we learned anything from the golden Knights, it’s that when the team is competitive, pan will present up in droves to cheer your team come victory.


5. External of the Chiefs, AFC West is large open

Jan 3, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback drew Lock (3) during the 4th quarter versus the ras Vegas Raiders in ~ Empower field at Mile High. Obligated Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA today Sports

I’m no going to say the Chiefs room suddenly walking to autumn flat on your faces, yet the Raiders don’t really should stay fixated top top one team. There’s still plenty of opportunities to with the playoffs in the AFC West division.

Entering the year, unless Aaron Rodgers goes to Denver, the Broncos and Chargers aren’t meant to it is in playoff teams. In fact, you can make a instance that both teams could be really negative in 2021.

As the old football saying goes “If you have actually two quarterbacks, you don’t have any type of at all.” The Denver Broncos are around to discover whether there’s any truth to the theory.

The Chargers overhauled your front office ~ failing to convert the success that 2020’s attack Rookie the the Year into a vain season. There’s no telling exactly how the Bolts adjust to your coaching change.

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If the Raiders have the right to win many of their divisional games, reaching the playoffs for the first time because 2016 shouldn’t be a problem.

With every the occasions surrounding Aaron Rodgers and also the green Bay Packers, will certainly he continue to be or will certainly he go?