Dallas Cowboys strength and conditioning head coach Markus Paul died Wednesday surrounding by family members after being rushed indigenous the team"s Frisco practice facility and hospitalized Tuesday morning.

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Paul endured an unspecified emergency Tuesday morning and was an initial treated by Cowboys medical personnel before being transported by ambulance come a hospital. The Cowboys claimed Tuesday afternoon the Paul was undergoing tests but didn"t fancy on his condition.

The team stated late Wednesday afternoon the Paul died at the hospital surrounding by his family.

"The company extends the prayers and support to the Paul family, and also the team will recognize and remember Markus, a valued and also loved member of the Cowboys Family, before the Thanksgiving Day video game tomorrow afternoon," the team stated Wednesday.

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Paul"s reason of death is pending.

“The ns of a family members member is a tragedy, and Markus Paul to be a loved and valued member of our family. He to be a pleasant and also calming influence in our strength room and throughout The Star. His enthusiasm for his work and also his enthusiasm for life deserve him an excellent respect and also admiration from every one of our players and also the entire organization. We offer our love and also support come his family members in this very daunting time. Our hearts are damaged for his household and all of the individuals whose resides he touched and made better," said team owner Jerry Jones.

“We extend our love, strength and also support come Markus’ family during this most difficult of times and ask that their privacy it is in respected relocating forward. Markus Paul to be a leader in this building. That earned the football player respect and attention because he cared so much and also was a normally gifted communicator—both top top the personal and skilled levels. He handled every situation, sometimes with a smile and also a pat on the back, and sometimes with challenging love. He had actually innate toughness in a task that calls for that quality, and also he to be admired transparent the NFL through his peers and the players he coached. It was a privilege to work-related with him as a coach and laugh v him as a friend. Markus did everything the appropriate way," said head coach Mike McCarthy.

Paul has actually been with the Cowboys for three seasons and also was in his first season as the team"s head strength and conditioning coach. Throughout the previous 2 seasons, he"d been the assistant under Mike Woicik, whom the Cowboys claimed he"d functioned with previously in new Orleans (1998-99) and with new England (2000-04).

In March, complying with the beginning of the continuous pandemic, Paul posted a video clip on Twitter v tips around staying right while stuck at home.

Markus Paul is earlier to share much more tips to stay fit while in ~ home. Watch as the #DallasCowboys toughness & air conditioning Coordinator reflects us some shoulder exercises. Pic.twitter.com/Fxlk2vO0rE

— Dallas Cowboys (
dallascowboys) in march 23, 2020

In his 21 years together a coach in the NFL, he"s operated in strength and also conditioning in assorted capacities for the Cowboys, the Giants (2007-2017), the Jets, (2005-2006), the Patriots and also Saints.

In college, Paul to be a standout defensive earlier for Syracuse native 1985-1988, collection a school record with 19 interceptions and also the most in a video game (3), and also was called an All-American in his last season.

"In 1987 and 1988, Paul was named a finalist for the Jim Thorpe compensation which recognizes the country top defensive back," according to Syracuse, in an online biography. "In 1988, the earned All-American honors. The was called to Syracuse University"s All-Century team in November 1999."

Paul to be taken in the fourth round the the 1989 NFL draft by the Chicago Bears, whereby he spent many of his play career native 1989-1992. The then invested the 1993 season v the Tampa just Buccaneers whereby he play in ripe games before exiting the organization after play 71 games and making 7 interceptions.

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The Cowboys are reserved to beat the Washington football Team in ~ 3:30 p.m. Top top Thanksgiving Day.