EUGENE, OREGON - OCTOBER 15: Cornerback Trikweze Bridges #11 the the Oregon duck reacts together time winds under late throughout the second half of the game versus the California golden Bears at Autzen stadion on October 15, 2021 in Eugene, Oregon. Oregon winner 24-17. (Photo through Steve Dykes/Getty Images)Getty Images



EUGENE — us were live native Autzen stadium for tonight’s game between No. 9 Oregon and Cal, which the Ducks won 24-17.

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The ducks (5-1, 2-1 Pac-12) to be 13.5-point favorites.

Below space live updates indigenous tonight’s game.


-- Cal happen to that 47. Happen for no gain. ~ above fourth-and-five Steve Stephens IV is called for holding. Cal to UO 38. Hold on Cal. Chris Brooks operation to UO 37. Brooks for one more 11. Cal to UO 24, third-and-seven with 1:00 come go. Garbers runs to UO 14. Defensive holding on Trikweze Bridges. Cal to the 7. Incomplete. Brandon Dorlus tackle, Cal timeout through 0:28 come go. Third-and-four from the UO 8, incomplete. Fourth-and-four native the 8. Happen for 5 to the 3 v 0:14 to go. Spike. Incomplete. Third-and-goal indigenous the 3, Garbers operation to the 2. Fourth-and-goal native the 2, incomplete.

-- Travis Dye runs because that 9. Dye breaks a long run. Byron Cardwell Jr. To Cal 7. Pass to Dye loser 4. Anthony Brown Jr. Scrambles for 11-yard touchdown. Oregon 24, Cal 17 4:50

-- Oregon pressures a punt and also takes over at very own 30.

-- Oregon beginning at own 38. Travis Dye for 20. Anthony Brown Jr. Runs because that 11 to Cal 31. Happen to Dye because that 6. Brown runs for 5 to Cal 20. 20-yard touchdown pass to Jaylon Redd, that gets fight hard. Oregon 17, Cal 17 - 11:23

-- False start. 16-yard happen to Jake Tonges. Operation loses 2. 6-yard touchdown to Gavin Reinwald. Cal 17, Oregon 10 13:37

End third QUARTER: OREGON 10, CAL 10

-- Cal conveniently into UO territory. Bear to first-and-10 native the 15 to end the quarter.

-- happen to Spencer Webb because that 4. Anthony Brown Jr. Scrambles because that 7. Brown runs because that 1. Incomplete. Pass to Travis Dye converts. Dye operation for 1. Incomplete passes. Punting for touchback.

-- boundary cornerback DJ James went ago to the locker room.

-- Cal cd driver to Oregon 27 and also stalls. 45-yard ar goal through Dario Longhetto ties it at 10 - 8:34

-- Travis Dye runs because that 4 and 2. Incomplete, Mycah Pittman was large open. Punt, returned to UO 49. Hold on Cal. Student section was cheering “we want Thompson” prior to the punt.

-- stop on kickoff, Cal starts at very own 7. Kayvon Thibodeaux on field immediately. Run for 2 and 3. Happen for large gain to Cal 30. Incomplete, nice sirloin by Jamal Hill. Incomplete, hurried litter by Kayvon Thibodeaux. Incomplete. Punting to UO 22, penalty for unnecessary roughness bring it back to UO 12.


-- Pass broke up at line of scrimmage by Bradyn Swinson. Incomplete pass.

-- Travis Dye operation for 1. Anthony Brown Jr. Run for 8. Dye runs because that 2. Tipped pass. Dye runs for 7 and 5. Happen to Kris Hutson for 22 come Cal 41. Oregon timeout with 0:35 come go. Brown sacked, 0:29 to half. Happen to Devon Williams because that 9. Brown sacked, fumbles, Cal recovers at own 46 with 0:19 come halftime.

-- follow Garbers pass for 5. Damien Moore runs because that 6. Tackle for loss. Pass for 5. Incomplete. Punting to UO 17.

-- pass tipped incomplete. Anthony Brown Jr. Runs because that 2 yards. Happen for 21 to Devon Williams. Travis Dye runs for 6. An additional long pass to Williams to the Cal 20. Brown runs for 9. Travis Dye 11-yard touchdown run. Oregon 10, Cal 7 5:17

-- kris Brooks runs because that 2 and 2. False start. Happen for 10 on third-and-11. Punting to UO 33.

-- Deep happen to Johnny Johnson III for 28, reviewed, stands. Travis Dye runs for 6 and 11. Anthony Brown Jr. Happen to Kris Hutson for 7 come Cal 20, defensive holding to Cal 17. Rapid pass to Jayon Redd, illegal block to the earlier by Mycah Pittman and it’s second-and-20 at the 27. Incomplete long throw for Pittman. Pass to Hutson because that 6. Happen to Hutson, who provides a nifty move and then fumbles and Cal recovers at own 16.

-- follow Garbers runs for 8 and also converts 3rd down. Acquire of 6. Incomplete. Incomplete. Cal timeout. Young name Sewell sack, turnover on downs. Unsportsmanlike conduct on Keyon Ware-Hudson.

End first QUARTER: OREGON 3, CAL 7

-- Offsides. Damien Moore runs because that 4 and also 3. Chase Garbers happen for 10 and 0. Garbers scrambles for 6.

-- Anthony Brown Jr. Happen to Devon Williams for 17 yards. Happen to Moliki Matavao because that 7. Incomplete low happen for Travis Dye. Pitch from Brown come Dye because that 24. Incomplete. Brown runs because that 4. Brown operation a attract for no gain. Quick pass come Dye because that 2 yards on fourth-and-six. Sales on downs.

-- DJ Johnson, Treven Ma’ae and also Jeff Bassa start on defense. Follow Garbers happen for 10 runs. Run for 8 and 5. Incomplete. Operation for 9. Happen for 7. Incomplete. Run for 6. Pass for 10 and 6. Operation for 3 and also 2. Very first and score at the 9. Nine-yard touchdown from chase Garbers to Jake Tonges. Cal 7, Oregon 3 - 5:23

-- Anthony Brown Jr. Pass to Travis Dye because that 6. Dye runs because that 23 and also 5. Pass to Jaylon Redd because that 14 wiped the end by blindside block ~ above Johnny Johnson III and horse collar tackle offset. Third down conversion pass to Terrance Ferguson wiped out by organize on Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu. Happen to Johnson for no gain. Camden Lewis 49-yard ar goal is good. Oregon 3, Cal 0 - 10:42

-- Cal wins the toss and also defers. Oregon to receive to West end zone to begin game.


-- Strong-side linebacker Mase Funa is out.

-- edges Bradyn Swinson and Jake Shipley with second-team defense pregame.

-- center Alex Forsyth is out again. Ryan Walk at center, Steven Jones at RG, Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu at RT.

-- every UO specialists room present

-- offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead no on the field throughout early pregame

-- NFL scouts indigenous the Bills, Cardinals, Colts, Jaguars, Jets, Eagles, 49ers, Seahawks, Raiders (x2) and also Vikings (x2) in attendance


TV Channel: ESPN

On air: Radio top top 1080 “The Fan” in Portland, KUGN-AM 590 in Eugene

How to clock live online: You can watch this video game live for cost-free with fuboTV (free trial). Girlfriend can additionally get this video game on Sling TV (promotional offers) if you space out that fuboTV trials, or just prefer that platform and also their pricing plans. Friend can likewise watch this enhance live on watch ESPN v your cable or satellite provider login information.

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