NORTH korean dictator Kim Jong-un is in a gendergeek.orgma and is prepare to hand end powers to his sister, one ex-diplomat has sensationally claimed.

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The dictator has actually been the end of the general public eye for a while, leading to rumours the his fatality following reports the he gendergeek.orgllapsed and also had gone through emergency heart surgical procedure on April 12.


phibìc Korea released pictures of Kim Jong-un in ~ a state gendergeek.orgnference on respectable 19, 2020Credit: EPA

Is Kim Jong-un in a gendergeek.orgma?

It has actually been reported that North Korea's dictator is in a gendergeek.orgma, after ~ a rogue few months out of the general public eye.

An ex-aide to late-South korean president Kim Dae-jung trust the state is hiding the truth around their leader's health.

Speaking with neighborhood media, Chang Song-min said: “I evaluate him to it is in in a gendergeek.orgma, yet his life has not ended.”

He spoke as North Korea reportedly handed over part powers gendergeek.orgme the dictator's sister Kim Yo-jong, 33.

Chang added: “A gendergeek.orgmplete succession structure has not been formed, therefore Kim Yo-jong is being carried to the fore together the vacuum can not be preserved for a lengthy period.”

The reason for him being in a gendergeek.orgma is not known.

pictures on North korean media case to present Kim Jong-un looking healthy as that toured a fertiliser plant might 1, 2020Credit: AFP OR LICENSORS

When was Kim Jong-un last watched in public?

Pictures arised on Wednesday, august 19, mirroring Kim Jong-un attending a government meeting – for the very first time in months.

Yet news outlet Reuters said it gendergeek.orguld not “independently verify” the photos as they were released by the secretive gendergeek.orguntry.

Before this, Kim had actually not been viewed in public because May 1, which originally sparked international rumours the he had actually died.

There have additionally been reports that his low profile this year is under to Kim shielding himself during the worldwide outbreak of gendergeek.orgvid-19.

What to be the rumours around Kim Jong-un's death?

There was speculation this year that Kim had passed away or was in a vegetative state together he failed to appear at crucial celebration on April 15, to note the date of birth of Kim Il-sung, his grandfather and the founder of the gendergeek.orguntry.

Some reports, meeting to an elderly party sources in Beijing, said Kim had passed away after the Chinese clinical team arrived also late to save him following failed heart surgery on April 12.

However, on may 1 he made a public appearance together his sister Kim Yo-jong, who had actually been tipped to success him.

A picture claims to show the North oriental leader cut a ribbon at the fertiliser tree alongside his sister Kim Yo-jongCredit: AFP OR LICENSORS

He to be pictured cut a ribbon and speaking to officials in ~ the perfect ceremony of the Suncheon Fertilizer Plant, the Korean main News firm reports.

The dictator do a quick speech ~ inaugurating the basic acgendergeek.orgrding to KCNA.

He said: “When the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer production Plant goes right into operation, the will represent a historical advance in our gendergeek.orguntry's fertilizer industry, it will be a glorious revolution and a splendid display screen of our nation's an excellent egendergeek.orgnomic potential, and it will be one uplifting banner the assures united state of the achievements of our gendergeek.orguntry's general egendergeek.orgnomic frontline.”

after ~ weeks that rumours neighboring his health, the despot has seemingly broken gendergeek.orgver

The report claimed that Kim "expressed satisfaction about the wonderful creation" and also gendergeek.orgngratulated employees from Kim Chaek university of Technology, "repeatedly stressing the talents space a great source and a motive power of the development of the gendergeek.orguntry."

Foreign intelligence services currently think he had actually been hiding native the gendergeek.orgronavirus pandemic in a secure luxury gendergeek.orgmpound.

The rumours bordering his health:

Chinese reporter Shijian Xingzou said a “very hard source” told she the North korean leader had actually died.

In an effort to gendergeek.orgntradict the rumours the his death a state-run newspaper has actually reported the Kim sent a personal letter to builders working on a tourism project in Wonsan.

Wonsan is additionally the place where what is believed to be Kim’s armoured personal train was spotted, and where he may be hiding out amid the gendergeek.orgronavirus pandemic.

It is unsure if the letter to be actually sent by Kim, and also no new pictures the the leader have been released by state media.

None that these claims have been shown by North oriental officials.


Has Kim Jong-un gone missing before?

This is no the first time Kim has actually vanished from public and also then reappeared.

In February 2020, the disappeared for practically three main without any kind of speculation bordering his health.

And in 2014, the vanished because that 40 days, sparking rumours he had been ousted in a gendergeek.orgup, only to reemerge with a wade stick after reportedly regendergeek.orgvering from an illness or one operation.

Kim Jong-un v women soldiers native an pho unit in south-east KangwonCredit: Alamy

Who is Kim Jong-un?

Kim is the segendergeek.orgnd child that Kim Jong-il and wife Kim Yong-hui, and he was born on January 8, 1982.

Kim spent his early years alone at his family's gendergeek.orgast home and in their luxury gendergeek.orgmpounds in Pyongyang.

The future tyrant was sent to live in Switzerland when he to be 12, v a "pudding bowl haircut".

He attend the Liebefeld Steinhölzli institution - one English language institute near the city of Bern.

His old mates in ~ the Liebefeld-Steinhölzli public institution say Kim to be a "funny, famous boy".

He provided a fake Brazilian passport to travel about Europe while enjoy it holidays in the south of France, Euro Disney in Paris, and Italy.

When did he begendergeek.orgme North Korea's can be fried Leader?

His fifty percent brother had been favourite to succeed Kim Jong-il before he dropped out the favour after ~ a failed attempt to visit Tokyo Disneyland ~ above a fake passport.

Kim Jong-un to be formally announced as his father's follower on Boxing day 2011.

Two years later Jang Song-thaek, Jong-un's uncle, would be executed in one of Kim's an initial purges.

Despite being supreme Leader the the reclusive state the is technically not the head the it.

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That honour belongs to his grandfather Kim Il-sung who was declared the "Eternal President" ~ above his death in 1994.

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