Tim Tebow hasn’t played in an NFL game because 2012, but he’s being dragged right into the league’s kneeling controversy anyway ~ a photo of the “Tebowing” on one NFL sideline in 2011 freshly resurfaced.

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According come USA Today, Tebow has actually seen the picture floating roughly on social media and also isn’t happy that people are misrepresenting his kneeling as a official protest.

The football star turn baseball hopeful was rapid to clarify that he’s never ever knelt throughout the nationwide anthem before any type of sporting event he’s participated in. The went on come accuse doubters of twisting the picture to develop a false narrative.

The photograph in question

According to The Score, rapper T.I. Reposted the picture of Tebow kneeling ~ above Instagram through a inscription that accused the NFL that a twin standard for overlooking Tebow’s “protests.”

The subtitle in the reposted photograph states that Tebow knelt in protest the abortion laws.

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Tim Tebow’s passionate response

Before acquisition the ar Friday night because that the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the Double-A affiliate because that the brand-new York Mets, Tebow clarified come USA Today’s josh Peter the his kneeling was constantly for religious reasons.

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“I think that’s periodically one of the points that’s a small bit sad is sometimes human being will just shot to produce something that had actually zero truth. I never did anything throughout a national anthem yet stand and also support my country. And also then stories can obtain written and they can obtain put the end of proportion so the you think one thing as soon as you’re questioning me a inquiry that to be nothing the was part of the truth.”

Tebow included that he’s also bothered when people misrepresent image of him kneeling together a touchdown celebration.

“It was never ever something ns did come take away from somebody else. That was simply something ns did with a an individual relationship through my God. So ns think that’s just sometimes disappointing as soon as things get taken away from the truth and also then it’s just produced into everything somebody desires it come be.”

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