Current NFL playoff picture: 49ers and also Colts rise, plus clinching scenarios top top deckWhich teams could lock increase a spot following week? which teams room in trouble? and also what is ~ above the line for Rams-Cardinals? below is the present postseason outlook.

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McDaniels "devastated" by ex-WR Thomas" deathPatriots attack coordinator mockery McDaniels, that was the Broncos" head coach once Denver drafted Demaryius Thomas, fondly recalled his connection with the receiver and also said he is "devastated" by his death.


The meaning behind new England Patriots QB Mac Jones" special cleatsThe QB wore "My reason My Cleats" partly designed by 7-year-old Robbie Klein, whose family attached up with Jones via Boston Children"s Hospital.


Current NFL playoff picture: just how things watch after the Vikings gain past PittsburghThe Vikings maintained their playoff wishes alive when diminishing those the Pittsburgh. Right here is the current postseason outlook ~ Thursday night"s game.

Hour 2: Rodgers & Adams a package deal?Harry offers us his top 5 large Receivers ideal now. The guys acquire us prepared for this weekend"s biggest gamings with 4 Downs and likewise play think It or Not. Rob Ninkovich join to talk about if the Patriots room in the Bills" heads.


Good NFL head coaches leaving because that college jobs? Barnwell ~ above why it"s no far-fetched nowAmid the see of booming money, a very great college opening can be enough to store an NFL owner awake at night.

Could us really obtain a Patriots-Bucs rematch in the at sight Bowl? What it might look likeWith the Patriots" Monday night win in windswept Buffalo, brand-new England suspect the duty of AFC favorite and could it is in on a collision course with defending champ Tampa Bay and former Patriot Tom Brady.

Belichick, once 40-1, currently coach that year favoritePatriots coach invoice Belichick, as soon as a 40-1 lengthy shot to victory coach of the year, has leaped the Cardinals" Kliff Kingsbury to come to be the consensus favorite at several sportsbooks.

Patriots" victory in Buffalo latest instance of bill Belichick"s interlocutor approachThe coach risked heavy criticism with a arrangement that featured 3 passes in Buffalo, a enjoy of his conviction to win no matter exactly how it looks.

Hour 2: Nagy"s Time running OutMatt Nagy is clearly on borrowed time in Chicago. Robert Griffin III joins to talk about Lamar Jackson"s recent struggles. Kimberley A. Martin joins for hot News or not News. Plus, the males play actual or Not real to shot to decide which current department leaders will certainly hang ~ above to success their department in the AFC.

Updated strength Rankings: space the Cardinals the NFL"s best team? Plus, football player who require to improve ASAPOBJ desires to prove he"s quiet a marquee guy, Zach Wilson is searching for momentum in new York and also Jessie Bates III wishes for a big finish to his contract year.

Which NFL teams room healthiest because that the homestretch? We perform an injury checkup for all 32Injuries have had actually a vast impact on this season, therefore NFL nation is taking a look at the wellness of every team as we move right into December.

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Seth Walder AnalyticsPatriots-Bucs is now the most most likely Super key matchup, every FPI. There"s a 10% possibility of the occurring.