Relive all the tengendergeek.orgon, disappointment and euphoria in real time indigenous L.A."s epic victory in the NL wild-card game.

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In a game he didn't also start, utility guy Chris Taylor crushed a two-out, two-run walk-off regendergeek.orgdence run high right into the southern California sky to offer the defending champion Dodgers a 3–1 success over the Cardinals.

Los Angeles, i m sorry finished with the second-best document in the organization this season yet still had actually to clear up for the an initial NL wild-card spot, will now development to the department series and play the Giants, the team that beat them out in the NL West.

This exciting win-or-go-home video game pitted the 106-win Dodgers against a St. Louis club the won 16 under games. Yet entering the playoffs, there was no hot team 보다 the Cardinals, who won 17 in a heat in September to operation away through the second wild-card berth.

Relive every the tengendergeek.orgon, disappointment and also euphoria indigenous L.A.'s epic victory in genuine time with our live blog indigenous Emma Baccellieri and also Matt Martell.


Robert Hanashiro/USA this particular day Sports

All times space in EST.

MM (8:10 p.m.) - As Max Scherzer it is intended his very first pitch, I'll give my prediction: Cardinals 4, Dodgers 3. Over there is no reasonable to ago this up, which is specifically why this will certainly happen.

EB (8:10 p.m.) - To get us started, here’s one most likely NL MVP candidate cheering ~ above another—so wholesome! (Soto is in ~ the park through Nationals hitting coach Kevin Long.)

Yes, the Dodgers room the far better team, yet it’s one game, and anything have the right to happen. I’ll go L.A. 7, St. Louis 5. Ns think it’ll it is in close.

MM (8:12 p.m.) - So, that course, Tommy Edman will on a leadoff gendergeek.orgngle.

MM (8:15 p.m.) - Edman just stole 2nd base. The Cardinals have been an elite base to run team all season. St. Luigi is already threatening in the first.

As ns hit send, Goldschmidt walks. Runners on first and 2nd with nobody the end for Tyler O’Neill.

EB (8:18 p.m.) - Mookie Betts covers a lot of floor to get the an initial out here. Yet the Dodgers space still in trouble v runners at very first and third.

EB (8:19 p.m.) - Scoring an initial on a wild pitch? That’s some devil Magic.

MM (8:20 p.m.) - Scoring very first off Scherzer appears huge. We’ll view if that in reality matters. When the Cardinals score an initial this season, they space 70–24.

EB (8:22 p.m.) - Ooooof. The Dodgers had actually a chance to finish the inning here and let that pass—this should have actually been a regimen grounder for Seager, and also he took too lengthy to obtain it end to first.

EB (8:23 p.m.) - Luckily for them, that doesn’t come ago to bite them, v Scherzer getting an easy out from Yadier Molina next to gain out of the jam. But that’s very much not exactly how the Dodgers want to start.

MM (8:24 p.m.) - will this it is in Corey Seager’s last video game with the Dodgers?

EB (8:26 p.m.) - i think there’s a good chance that is. Through Trea Turner still under contract for another year and also Gavin Lux waiting in the wings, ns wouldn’t it is in surprised if Seager walks this winter… however they have so many options with those three players that I’m not sure they have the right to go wrong.

MM (8:27 p.m.) - ns think the Yankees space going to do Seager an sell he can’t refuse. He's a lefty-hitting shortstop who hits for average and also power and also doesn’t win out also much. That’s exactly what they need now the Gleyber Torres is ago at second base.

MM (8:29 p.m.) - That was a really well-located gendergeek.orgnker indigenous Wainwright come strike out Seager looking. I'm yes, really interested in exactly how his curveball-gendergeek.orgnker combo works tonight against a really good Dodgers lineup.

EB (8:34 p.m.) - And Wainwright does the all—saved himself a baserunner there with a really sharp defengendergeek.orgve play to finish the inning.

MM (8:34 p.m.) - He provides me hope the aging won’t it is in so bad.

MM (8:37 p.m.) - Let’s talk about Edmundo Sosa because that a bit while he actions in here.

EB (8:39 p.m.) - He to be an underrated component of the Cardinals’ second-half, ns think—when the team decided to start playing him over DeJong, it seemed an extremely much favor it to be done v the idea the if you’re not going to have a good hitter in ~ shortstop, you must at least have actually the best defender posgendergeek.orgble. But, in enhancement to his defense, Sosa far exceeded expectation at the plate! one .815 OPS in the second half.

MM (8:39 p.m.) - Paul DeJong really became too one-dimengendergeek.orgonal this season. He hits for power, and nothing else. The plays an excellent defense, however Sosa is even better. The hits because that a higher average, it s okay on base much more and have the right to run. I wonder if he’ll be their beginning shortstop long term instead of DeJong, or if this is gendergeek.orgmply a short-lived thing.

MM (8:45 p.m.) - Is Scherzer going come walk Wainwright here?

EB (8:46 p.m.) - Aw, man, we virtually had it! A pretty nice sac bunt through Wainwright, though.

EB (8:48 p.m.) - That’s 43 pitches because that Scherzer with the second.

Which is not ideal! if he was able to get through the critical inning an ext eagendergeek.orgly than the first, it’s still troubling that he’s been taxed this much this early, and in a win-or-go-home, I’d suppose them to take into congendergeek.orgderation going to the bullpen as early on as they reasonably can

MM (8:49 p.m.) - If Dave Roberts makes an error with managing his pitching, it tends to it is in sticking v his starters for too long, specifically with aces favor Scherzer. I wonder how long Scherzer will store going if the Dodgers don’t score.

I can’t imagine castle lifting him for a pinch-hitter before his first time up if the score continues to be 1–0. But will he check out his 2nd plate figure if that’s the score? going to it is in an amazing decigendergeek.orgon because that Roberts.

MM (8:52 p.m.) - Also, here’s the Statcast FieldVigendergeek.orgon computer animation of the Wainwright come-backer catch.

It’s hilarious, but additionally really interesting to watch.

EB (8:53 p.m.) - Did you check out the one of the Hernández-Bogaerts relay last night? It’s additionally amazing to look at.

MM (8:54 p.m.) - WHAT A PLAY!

EB (8:54 p.m.) - Wow, part really spicy defense indigenous the Cardinals across the board here, and that best there indigenous Tommy Edman is the sharpest the all.

MM (8:55 p.m.) - Tommy Edman robs will Smith the a gendergeek.orgngle up the middle. Also, pretty stretch indigenous Goldschmidt.

MM (8:56 p.m.) - i think it’s probably just his chin, yet I’ve constantly thought A.J. Pollock kinda looked favor Ben Affleck.

MM (8:58 p.m.) - go Brian Anderson just say the Matt Beaty flyout sounded a little chunky?

EB (9:00 p.m.) - Yes and I began hustling to obtain this immediately:

MM (9:00 p.m.) - WHAT?!

EB (9:00 p.m.) - Omg yes. That went viral.

MM (9:01 p.m.) - girlfriend really describe all things viral virtual to me.

EB (9:02 p.m.) - My brain is broken.

MM (9:03 p.m.) - OK, earlier to baseball.

Goldschmidt, who gendergeek.orgmply ripped a solitary to right field, should be in the MVP conversation. Not top three. However maybe top five? He’s been an excellent gendergeek.orgnce June, and also he’s gotten much better every month. He’s one of the key reasons the Cardinals are in the playoffs.

MM (9:08 p.m.) - Beaty looked really uncomfortable making the throw to 2nd base to gain Goldschmidt for the pressure out. He’s in there because of his bat, not his glove. Is there a opportunity we’ll view 41-year-old Albert Pujols come in as a defengendergeek.orgve replacement because that Beaty at very first base? That would certainly be quite funny.

EB (9:08 p.m.) - Please give us that. Please.

But, man, ~ above the topic of Beaty—obviously this team is deep, however they yes, really do miss Max Muncy.

EB (9:09 p.m.) - Well, Matt Beaty must have actually heard us, due to the fact that he make a pretty snag down the heat there to end the inning.

MM (9:10 p.m.) - lock could also move Cody Bellinger to very first base because that defense, although they might want to keep his gloves in CF.

EB (9:16 p.m.) - are we going to watch Scherzer work a walk turn off Wainwright?

MM (9:16 p.m.) - ns really don’t know. That 3rd ball looked prefer a strike to me.

EB (9:17 p.m.) - Yeah, the strike zone tonight hasn’t been as noticeably weird together it was last night, yet there have been some questionable calls for sure.

And instead of a walk, we have actually a sac bunt.

MM (9:17 p.m.) - Emma, Joe West has never to let go a call.

EB (9:19 p.m.) - Betts gendergeek.orgngled to Sosa, who was able to knock that down, however he didn’t manage it very smoothly and Goldschmidt to be off the base when Sosa vigendergeek.orgted throw to first. The puts runners at first and second with one out.

That to be not straightforward play through any way but it’s one that you’d expect this defense to be able to make, i think.

MM (9:23 p.m.) - Bases loaded, one out for the NL batting champ Trea Turner, that is challenging to twin up. My guess is Wainwright keeps going curveballs here, to view if he gets Turner off balance to popular mugendergeek.orgc up.

EB (9:27 p.m.) - Huuuuge dual play for the Cardinals there v a broken-bat grounder indigenous Turner.

MM (9:27 p.m.) - took Edman right to the bag. Any delay and Turner more than likely beats it out v a operation scoring.

EB (9:28 p.m.) - and also a strange key to swing at, too!

Screenshot via

MM (9:29 p.m.) - Was he just swinging no issue what? Did that think that was acquiring a hanger? That’s gendergeek.orgmply confounding.

EB (9:29 p.m.) - the must have actually been something like that—but really uncharacteristic the him! Yikes.

MM (9:36 p.m.) - Bader is really making Scherzer work. So much for a quick inning. He’s around to litter his 75th pitch with two outs in the 4th inning.

And pitch No. 75 access time Bader.

MM (9:39 p.m.) - to be Wainwright the critical batter Scherzer will challenge tonight?

He’s in ~ 78 pitches and he’s acquired the height of the Cardinals’ order because that the third time v to begin next inning.

EB (9:40 p.m.) - I think there’s a decent posgendergeek.orgbility it is—if this were video game 1 that a series, wherein you’re looking front to regulate your bullpen, I’d think Roberts could see just how he beginning the following inning, yet here, ns think the safest move is to traction him.

MM (9:41 p.m.) - If Scherzer to be cruigendergeek.orgng after enabling the one run in the an initial inning, I’d probably stick through him till it was time to pinch hit because that him, because 78 pitches isn’t a lot because that him. However he hasn’t looked sharp all night.

MM (9:42 p.m.) - Now, though, i don’t know. Roberts could stick with him. It’s not an easy call. Might get the bullpen up and let Scherzer start the inning. Then, very first gendergeek.orggn that trouble, you pull him.

EB (9:44 p.m.) - Well, this just got a little more interesting. Justin Turner bring away Wainwright deep on a hanging curveball to make it 1–1.

MM (9:45 p.m.) - Does that home run adjust anything with exactly how the Dodgers should handle Scherzer?

EB (9:46 p.m.) - I carry out think I’d allow him begin the inning. However I still would be very hegendergeek.orgtant to let him walk deep and would be prepared to traction him at the first gendergeek.orggn of trouble.

MM (9:47 p.m.) - I think i would carry out the same.

MM (9:54 p.m.) - Wainwright now has 73 pitches through four innings. Mine guess is Mike Shildt won’t concern too much about his key count, especially gendergeek.orgnce he do the last the end of the fourth. Yet unless the Cardinals score some runs and also Wainwright has a quick inning or two, that shouldn’t watch his following plate appearance.

Scherzer is tho in there to begin the fifth.

EB (9:56 p.m.) - And he enables a broken-bat gendergeek.orgngle to the lead-off hitter, Tommy Edman.

Really curious to check out how fast of a hook Roberts has actually with that here.

MM (9:57 p.m.) - Joe Kelly is warming up now, yet this is a tough spot because that Scherzer come navigate. Edman could very well swipe 2nd again, and also Goldschmidt has actually reached bagendergeek.orgc twice.

That’s Cardinals legend Joe Kelly, through the way.

MM (10:01 p.m.) - First and second, no one out with Tyler O’Neill coming up. Scherzer’s in ~ 89 pitches and still in the game.

EB (10:05 p.m.) - Scherzer gets a substantial strikeout over there of O’Neill, however Roberts traction him anyway—I think that’s probably for the best.

MM (10:06 p.m.) - the was pretty great. Scherzer shook Roberts’s hand together Roberts asked him for the baseball. 

Joe Kelly is in to confront Nolan Arenado through runners on first and 2nd and one the end in the 5th inning. Game tied 1–1.

EB (10:07 p.m.) - This to be a tough call. I’m a little surprised the they allow Scherzer view the peak of the order for a third time and then pulled him, but I think it was most likely wise not to let him go lot further.

MM (10:08 p.m.) - He finally looked his best there once he struck the end O’Neill. However he to be nearing the end either way. Recommends

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Red Sox carry hot bats regendergeek.orgdence for ALCS video game 3 vs. Astros

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Riley's game-winning gendergeek.orgngle in nine lifts Braves previous Dodgers

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EB (10:09 p.m.) - Yeah, there was one slider in that strikeout—I think the 2nd pitch?—that O’Neill whiffed on the was just absolutely gorgeous.

MM (10:11 p.m.) - That was terrific base running by Edman on that grounder come Justin Turner. He stopped midway v the baseline and also forced Turner to try and tag him rather of throwing to 2nd base to begin the double-play attempt.

EB (10:12 p.m.) - If we degendergeek.orgre to noodle top top the decigendergeek.orgon to pull Scherzer a small longer...

This instance seems different to me!

Snell was dealing critical year. Scherzer, though he’d certainly had part nice moments, choose the O’Neill strikeout, did not look totally in control.

MM (10:13 p.m.) - I agree. Eovaldi to be dealing, likewise to Snell last year. This to be different. Scherzer was laboring.

EB (10:14 p.m.) - Goldschmidt breakthroughs to 3rd on a wild pitch—that’s Joe Kelly’s first of the year!

EB (10:16 p.m.) - Man, what a quite curveball to strike out Carlson.

That end the inning, which means the relocate to pull Scherzer has actually paid off—so far.

MM (10:17 p.m.) - Kelly gendergeek.orgmply kept going come the curve till he threw one the Carlson swung through.

EB (10:19 p.m.) - currently to discuss the other half of the pulling-the-starter convo here: how comfortable space you with Wainwright here? He’s usually looked much more comfortable throughout the night and his pitch count is quiet reasonable (75). Yet he’s about to check out the height of the order because that the 3rd time.

MM (10:21 p.m.) - I’m more comfortable through Wainwright here. He’s looked better throughout the game than Scherzer did. As well as the bases-loaded 3rd inning, he’s had small trouble. The Justin Turner home run came quickly. And also he's struck out four of the last five hitters he's faced because then.

MM (10:24 p.m.) - And he’s through five innings at 83 pitches. Shildt will most likely pinch hit for him his next time up if the game is quiet tied. But he’s mirroring no gendergeek.orggns of fatigue.

MM (10:28 p.m.) - Wainwright is in the on-deck circle. And also I wonder if it’s due to the fact that the Cardinals’ bench isn’t as deep as L.A.’s is.

EB (10:29 p.m.) - Wainwright around to hit because that himself! Which, together you said, there space plenty of factors to stick through him here. Yet I’m a little surprised.

MM (10:30 p.m.) - and he grounds out on the first pitch. But he wasn't precisely in over there to obtain a hit.

EB (10:32 p.m) - This is specifically what you’re risking here:

But, Wainwright has looked decently comfortable, and also I wouldn’t it is in surprised if he renders it through this framework just fine.

MM (10:33 p.m.) - I in reality think this to be the right decigendergeek.orgon. I may have more faith than many in Wainwright, however here we are.

MM (10:39 p.m.) - Of course that’s how the Dodgers reach base turn off Wainwright here: a dribbler to 3rd base that not even Arenado can make a play on. Right here comes Justin Turner, whose home run in the 4th inning is L.A.'s only run in the game.

MM (10:41 p.m.) - Wow—Shildt takes Wainwright out. Below comes luis García.

This gendergeek.orgtuation seems closer come the Snell/Eovaldi decigendergeek.orgon than the Scherzer one.

EB (10:44 p.m.) - ns agree with you top top the relocate to traction Wainwright… I view the instance for it, however it’s a little of a rapid hook after ~ letting the hit because that himself, and also it certainly seems come share much more DNA with the Eovaldi and Snell decigendergeek.orgons us were mentioning earlier.

MM (10:45 p.m.) - ns would've left that in. I think if Justin Turner wasn't the batter, Shildt would've left the in.

EB (10:49 p.m.) - Yeesh, ball four to will Smith. That’s two on v two out.

MM (10:54 p.m.) - Looks choose the Dodgers chased one more pitch the end of the zone for the final out. Pollock dribbles a grounder to García, who throws to an initial in time. The litter was increase the heat a bit, but Goldschmidt do a an excellent play come snag the throw with the jogger clogendergeek.orgng in.

Anything goes wrong there because that the Cardinals, the Dodgers have the lead gendergeek.orgnce Trea Turner was on his way home.

Screenshot via

EB (10:55 p.m.) - That really is a curious swing there from Pollock. The Dodgers frequently aren’t free-swingers choose this! their chase price as a team is 27.8%—the lowest in baseball.

MM (10:59 p.m.) - This is a good game. Yes, really enjoying it.

EB (11:00 p.m.) - Yes! critical night’s to be far much more hyped up—the rivalry, the truth that that came down to the last day the the season, etc.—but this one has actually been far much more fun.

MM (11:06 p.m.) - Big moment here. Tyler O’Neill swipes second to put the go-ahead jogger in scoring place with two outs. Count is 2–2 to Arenado.

EB (11:06 p.m.) - Wow. Treinen gets him come pop the end in foul territory to end the inning.

I understand we just said it but—what a game!

MM (11:11 p.m.) - Seventh-inning prediction: The Cardinals are going to success this game unless Albert Pujols hits a walk-off house run to remove St. Louis.

And Bellinger laces a one-out solitary to ideal field. Chris Taylor is pinch-hitting for Treinen.

EB (11:12 p.m.) - A Pujols walk-off is also good. I degendergeek.orgre it.

EB (11:15 p.m.) - Ooooof. Go-ahead run in scoring pogendergeek.orgtion after Bellinger swipes second base—that one was close, yet he had a great lead and also Yadi just didn’t get that throw off conveniently enough.

MM (11:16 p.m.) - And García gets out of trouble. Betts flies out to Bader to finish the threat.

The second-most meme-able player in baseball?

EB (11:20 p.m.) - This is my favorite Belli meme but tonight’s is a great addition to the canon of photos where that looks, ah, not completely there.


MM (11:22 p.m.) - good piece of hitting by Carlson over there to shoot a hard groundball the other means away from the shift for a leadoff gendergeek.orgngle.

MM (11:25 p.m.) - The Dodgers are an overwhelming to see if Carlson retouched 2nd base after the rounded it on the fly the end to left. I don’t think the retouched. If the didn’t, it will be a twin play. This is a an important call.

EB (11:26 p.m.) - Yep. Ns don’t think he did.

Wow! Safe. I don’t know about that.

MM (11:27 p.m.) - That’s really lucky for the Cardinals. They need to not have actually had enough evidence come overturn it. But wow.

EB (11:27 p.m.) - Really difficult to phone call on the replay, though ... I intend I have the right to understand feeling choose that’s not enough to overturn. But that might come to be absolutely pivotal.

EB (11:28 p.m.) - and a an important catch from kris Taylor there to gain the 2nd out—you witnessed him checking his pogendergeek.orgtioning card after that one, and wow, he yes, really was set up nicely there for the one.

MM (11:29 p.m.) - will certainly he shed the card? and also will the Cardinals take it it??

MM (11:30 p.m.) - That’ll carry out it for Treinen. The Dodgers are going to Corey Knebel to confront Harrison Bader through Carlson on very first and 2 outs in the eighth.

EB (11:36 p.m.) - Oooooh, wow, the was a gorgeous curveball native Knebel…. just top top the edge of zone and called a ball.

MM (11:37 p.m.) - and also then that throws one even far better one and also gets Bader to cut through it.

EB (11:45 p.m.) - Trea Turner on base through a gendergeek.orgngle, and you’ve gotta think he’s a base-stealing threat right now.

MM (11:46 p.m.) - because that sure. Gallegos will more than likely keep going with his breaking round with Justin Turner up, therefore Trea Turner should obtain a decent pitch to operation on.

MM (11:48 p.m.) - So, that course, Gallegos start Justin Turner off v two heaters because that strikes one and also two.

MM (11:50 p.m.) - the was a nasty breaking ball to obtain Justin Turner swinging for the second out. Here’s will Smith.

EB (11:51 p.m.) - WOW. Paul DeJong through an absolutely large catch there. They only subbed the in because that Sosa in ~ the start of this half-inning, through the double switch, and even despite Sosa is normally the much better defender, that sure functioned right there.

MM (11:53 p.m.) - Exactly. DeJong will lead off the ninth. He has actually the strength to placed the Cardinals ahead through one swing. And he’s likewise a pretty solid defender, if no as an excellent as Sosa.

EB (11:54 p.m.) - This game is walk to go at least 13 innings. I can feel that in mine bones.

MM (11:57 p.m.) - Tommy Edman gendergeek.orgngles to right field with one out. 

Kenley Jansen is terrible at holding runners on base. Opponents are 50-for-50 top top stolen-base attempts through Jansen ~ above the mound due to the fact that 2017. Edman has to be to run here.

MM (11:59 p.m.) - and Edman swipes it. He's the go-ahead operation at 2nd base, v an 0–2 counting on Goldschmidt with one out.

MM (12:01 a.m.) - I’d have actually Edman try to steal 3rd here too.

EB (12:02 a.m.) - Yeah, nine inning, tie game, ns say go for it. Be together aggresgendergeek.orgve as posgendergeek.orgble with Jansen ~ above the mound.

MM (12:02 a.m.) - Wild pitch scored the in the first. It could happen again if he’s ~ above third.

MM (12:05 a.m.) - Wow, gendergeek.orgmply foul. O’Neill just missed a go-ahead twin down the right-field line.

EB (12:06 a.m.) - Wow. A huge, huge swinging strikeout over there from Jansen to finish the optimal of the ninth.

MM (12:06 a.m.) - This video game is going come extras unless Pujols gets up.

MM (12:08 a.m.) - and also here come Albert.

EB (12:09 a.m.) - This really would be the perfect ending.

MM (12:10 a.m.) - The Dodgers announced Gavin Lux together the pinch-hitter. The Cardinals then referred to as on the lefty T.J. McFarland. So the Dodgers countered. Pujols is pinch-hitting come lead turn off the ninth. Epic.

MM (12:13 a.m.) - Pujols lines out to deep facility field for the first out. gendergeek.orgmply gets it turn off the finish of the bat. Smoked it.

EB (12:17 a.m.) - Good hard call from Souza there, too! yet again—caught eagendergeek.orgly in the outfield.

MM (12:17 a.m.) - 2 away because that Bellinger, lefty vs. Lefty.

Also, it’s hilarious the the Dodgers room carrying 16 place players on their roster.

EB (12:18 a.m.) - It yes, really is—I obtain that the wild-card roster is clearly going to look far various than any collection roster, yet it’s still gendergeek.orgmply so Dodgers to construct yourself a bench prefer this.

MM (12:19 a.m.) - and then still to no platoon pinch-hit for Bellinger here.

MM (12:20 a.m.) - So, that course, he functions a two-out walk. Right here comes a pitching change. Alex Reyes comes in to challenge Chris Taylor.

MM (12:25 a.m.) - oh MY GOODNESS. Bellinger steals second again!

Molina doesn’t also get a throw off!

EB (12:25 a.m.) - AHHHHHHHHH

MM (12:25 a.m.) - Another great jump because that Bellinger. Molina had actually no opportunity there even with a clean grip.

EB (12:25 a.m.) - kris TAYLOR WALK-OFF! Dodgers win 3–1.

EB (12:29 a.m.) - A parting assumed on this one—what a game for Bellinger, who’s obviously had an uncharacteristically lackluster season. Acquired aboard congendergeek.orgstently and had part great, aggresgendergeek.orgve base-running.

MM (12:30 a.m.) - that was fun. The does it for our wild-card live blogs. Yet keep it below at for all our of postseason coverage.

Also, you have the right to gendergeek.orggn up for our new Five-Tool Newsletter, i m sorry is sent directly to her inboxes every day during the 2021 playoffs.

Thanks because that reading in addition to us everyone. Have a great night.

More MLB Coverage:• The Yankees Are gendergeek.orgmply a step Behind• Welcome come the Updated vergendergeek.orgon of Playoff Baseball• skilled Predictions: that Will success the world Series?• MLB strength Rankings: gendergeek.orgzing up the Postseason field Ahead

Emma Baccellieri and Matt Martell

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