Six human being were arrested Monday after ~ scaling steep terrain about the top Hollywood sign and strategically an altering it come convey what they stated was a breast cancer awareness message, according to police.

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“Hollyboob,” the sign briefly read, through a huge tarp v the letter “B” on that thrown end the “W” and also a strategically placed white dash to do the “D” another “B.”

LAPD Capt. Steve Lurie, the Hollywood area commander, stated LAPD protection personnel observed the 5 men and also one woman on video clip surveillance about 1:15 p.m. A police helicopter comment to the area, and also flight crew were able to watch the team move earlier down the hill to a ar on Mulholland Highway — where various other officers and also park ranger met them v handcuffs.

The arrestees were no publicly identified and could not be instantly reached because that comment Monday.



They decided to make it the ‘Hollyboob’ sign since of Instagram ‘censorship’

Two society media influencers said they trespassed to change the Hollywood sign to check out ‘Hollyboob’ in component to challenge censorship top top Instagram.

All six will be cited with misdemeanor trespassing and also released, Lurie said. “There’s no vandalism, due to the fact that the sign wasn’t damaged,” the said.

The website is surrounding by Griffith Park but is not available to the public and also is privately kept by the Hollywood sign Trust.

A representative for the trust claimed they were grateful for the fast solution from the LAPD.

“It’s unfortunate the such critical icon because that the city of L.A. Is no being appreciated,” said mark Panatier, the group’s chairman, who stated trespassing to alter the authorize was not correct no matter the purported cause.

“This is an icon that’s there because that visual combine of the prestige of Hollywood, not just for the city of L.A. But to the world,” Panatier said. “It requirements to it is in upheld; the doesn’t need to be demeaned.”

The sign has been readjusted before. On new Year’s work 2017, it was adjusted to read “HOLLYWeeD.”

Steve Alper, 54, a dentist who stays down the hill and also owns the vacant Mulholland property where the arrests were made, claimed he was on his way to grab part lunch when he looked out the home window and experienced the “Hollyboob” lettering.

By the time he got up to his Mulholland property, the team — that looked to have cameras and also other recording gear — were coming down and police to be arriving, the said.

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“It’s probably just a gag,” the said.

Alper said civilization trespass ~ above the residential property all the time, yet mostly acquire scared off by security or rangers on bullhorns.