east RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The brand-new York Giants safeguarded their residence turf top top Sunday, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles, 13-7, at MetLife Stadium.

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The Giants intercepted Philadelphia quarterback Jalen harms three times. Dexter Lawrence forced a fumble native Giant-killing Philadelphia running ago Boston Scott and Julian Love recovered at the Giants’ 37-yard line v 1:34 to play. The seemingly finished the game, yet a quick three-and-out by the Giants provided Philadelphia an additional chance.

Love said Lawrence made a “great play” to reason the fumble and nearly “tossed me the ball.”

The Eagles took over at their own 41-yard line v 1:11 to play. The Eagles got to the Giants’ 27-yard line, yet a fourth-and-10 pass through :25 to play dropped incomplete. Aaron Robinson damaged up a happen intended for Jalen Reagor in ~ the goal line.

“That was a heart-stopping play, the last one,” Love said.

Robinson was affiliated in 2 incompletions in the finish zone in the final sequence. Reagor told Philadelphia media he should have recorded both passes.

Robinson, usually a slot cornerback, was forced to play outside as result of injuries. Logan Ryan (Reserve/COVID-19 list) missed a second straight game. Adoree’ Jackson (quad) and also Darnay Holmes (chest) did not play in the second half.

Robinson was external in Jackson’s spot, Love remained in the slot because that Holmes, J.R. Reed was at one security in place of Ryan and also even practice squad elevation Steven Parker to be on the field during Philadelphia’s final drive.

“He (Robinson) go a an excellent job now stepping increase in a huge way,” Love said. “I’m so proud of the guy. He does whatever the best way.”

The Giants are 4-7. Philadelphia drops to 5-7.

The Giants led 13-7 ~ a 39-yard Graham Gano ar goal through 2:54 come play. That came at the finish of a 12-play, 70-yard, 7:22 drive that started at the Giants’ 9-yard line.

A 35-yard Gano field goal offered the Giants the just points the the first half. Reserve tight end Chris Myarick was credited with a 1-yard touchdown agree to offer the Giants a 10-0 lead v 6:50 left in the 3rd quarter. The was Myarick’s first career reception.

Myarick bobbled his touchdown catch and also barely preserved one hand under it. The admitted after ~ the video game that it “wasn’t the cleanest catch.”

Chris Myarick states his touchdown "wasn"t the cleanest catch." pic.twitter.com/9Imy1Eyro9

— huge Blue view (

Daniel Jones perfect 19 the 30 for 202 yards and a touchdown. Jones additionally ran eight times for 31 yards. Saquon Barkley brought 13 times for 40 yards, most of that coming ~ above a 32-yard run. Kenny Golladay had three receptions for 50 yards.

The Eagles had averaged 34.5 point out in their 4 previous games, winning 3 of them. The run video game has been crucial for Philadelphia during its current surge, and also the Eagles ran because that 208 yards ~ above 33 dead Sunday (6.3 yards per rushing attempt). The is four of the last five games in i m sorry the Eagles have run for more than 200 yards, and the very first of those the they have actually lost.

Hurts completed just 14 of 31 passes for 129 yards and the three interceptions, compiling a passer rating of 17.5.

“When the came down to an essential passing instances I believed we handled him (Hurts) well,” Love said. “We want him to beat united state throwing.”


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The Giants led, 3-0, in ~ the half. A Tae Crowder interception at the goal line to nearby the an initial half protected the lead. Crowder picked turn off a Jalen Hurts’ pass intended for Boston Scott ~ above a third-and-goal in ~ the 1-yard line.

The Giants intercepted harms twice in the an initial half.

The Giants’ only points came on a 35-yard Graham Gano field goal on their opening drive.

Injury news

Reserve linebacker Trent Harris endured an fish eye injury in the very first quarter.

Starting cornerback Adoree’ Jackson suffered a quad injury in the second quarter. He briefly tried come return, however was climate ruled out. Slot cornerback Darnay Holmes was additionally ruled the end after the an initial half through a chest injury.

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Michael Strahan jersey retirement

Strahan came to be the 13th gigantic to have his jersey retired. He, of course, closed his halftime remarks through a “Stomp girlfriend Out.”

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Giants inactives

WR Sterling ShepardTE Kaden smith TE Kyle RudolphWR Kadarius ToneyFB Cullen Gillaspia G Wes Martin

What’s next?

The Giants take trip to Miami following week to confront the Miami dolphins (1 p.m., FOX).