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FBI manager James Comey called lawmakers Sunday the company hasn’t adjusted its opinion that Hillary Clinton need to not challenge criminal charges after a evaluation of brand-new emails.

“Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July,” Comey created in the brand-new letter to conference committee chairmen.

Comey reduce a bombshell on the presidential gyeongju last month once he sent out a letter come Congress saying the FBI had discovered emails in a separate investigation that might be associated to the now-closed probe of even if it is Clinton mishandled divide information. The relocate infuriated Democrats and also emboldened Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton email controversy

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It’s impossible to know prior to results space tallied what affect Comey’s plot – an initial raising a vaguely worded red flag 11 work out, and then lowering it 2 days native the choice – will have on the contest. But the news could help Clinton placed to remainder a dispute that has actually dogged she in the 2016 race’s closeup of the door days, help Trump small a polling gap nationally and also in vital battleground states.

trump card assailed the FBI’s managing of the matter, though he did not directly resolve Comey’s notice at a rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

“You can’t testimonial 650,000 brand-new emails in eight days. Friend can’t carry out it, folks,” trump card said, adding, “Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI to know it, the human being know it, and also now it’s approximately the American human being to provide justice in ~ the ballot box on November 8.”

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Cooper come Conway: Fine come speculate there is no facts?

Dianne Feinstein, the peak Democrat ~ above the Senate choose Committee ~ above Intelligence, blasted Comey’s managing of the review.

“Today’s letter makes Director Comey’s actions nine days ago even an ext troubling,” Feinstein said in a statement. “There’s no doubt the it developed a false impression about the nature that the agency’s inquiry.”

She added: “The justice Department needs to take a look at its measures to prevent similar actions that could influence future elections.”

’As fast as us could’

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Franken: Comey must answer Congress' questions

Comey’s letter was the culmination that a fast-paced testimonial of the newly discovered email, regulation enforcement sources claimed Sunday.

“We went through this as rapid as us could,” a senior law enforcement official told, with another law enforcement main saying investigators worked “around the clock” to review the large volume of emails.

The FBI found the brand-new emails as part of its different investigation into a sexting event by Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

The thousands of new emails to be mostly an individual and duplicates of what had currently been seen, regulation enforcement officials claimed in explaining just how the conclusion was reached so quickly. The laptop i beg your pardon was uncovered was about a te old v lots of an individual content on that not appropriate to the investigation, according to one source.

The probe is thought about over v regard come Clinton. Though with not all the turned off emails recovered and not every the gadgets in FBI’s possession, the is always possible something else might turn up that would certainly require more review.

over there were some classified emails found, yet law enforcement officials stressed the concern is no the classified details so lot as proving intent. The sources would not specify if the the classified message were new or duplicates the ones currently reviewed, nor would certainly would officials to speak how numerous there were and also what level at i beg your pardon they to be classified.

“Keep in mind us are concentrated on intent,” the main said. “We recognize there room classified materials, however that doesn’t readjust the conclusion reached back in July.”

as for others who were component of the probe, consisting of Abedin, the FBI is still working on some remaining elements of the review, including determining how the emails finished up on the laptop in the first place. Abedin’s attorneys have actually said she doesn’t understand why this emails to be there due to the fact that this no a computer she used.

The expectation remains that investigators will need to talk come Abedin again.

it isn’t unusual to come across brand-new evidence ~ concluding a probe – i beg your pardon is what happened right here in October. Normally, investigators take a look at to check out if anything transforms in their conclusions and it’s not a controversial issue. This case isn’t a common case, offered the election and also the stakes.

DOJ notified of decision

Comey sent out the letter as shortly as possible, the senior law enforcement main said. He to be “very careful” about how the letter to be crafted offered the sensitivities.

Attorney basic Loretta Lynch was informed ahead the time that the FBI director was sending out the updated letter to conference informing lock of that there would be no change in the FBI stance on Hillary Clinton, a Justice official told on Sunday.

Lynch and also Deputy Attorney general Sally Yates disagreed v Comey’s earlier decision to educate Congress. The attorney general backed Comey’s move Sunday.

“Everyone is top top the very same page,” the source said.

since there is no adjust to the initial findings, the justice Department has no should weigh in further, the official said.

“The department of Justice and the FBI specialized all crucial resources to command this review expeditiously,” the righteousness Department stated in a quick statement released Sunday afternoon.

campaigns weigh in

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon stated her campaign is validated in its id that nothing would change.

We were constantly confident nothing would reason the July decision to be revisited. Currently Director Comey has confirmed it

— Brian Fallon (
brianefallon) November 6, 2016

“We were always confident nothing would reason the July decision to it is in revisited. Currently Director Comey has confirmed it,” that tweeted.

The Trump project quickly slammed Comey.

“We believed that manager Comey and also the FBI were wrong once they made your initial recommendation in July, and also we think that they’re wrong now,” trump card spokesman Jason Miller said’s wolf Blitzer on “The situation Room.”

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence search to save the press on Clinton.

“Mishandling classified information is a crime,” he claimed at a rally in an airplane hanger in Hickory, north Carolina. “Hillary Clinton said that she never sent or received any type of classified information and the manager of the FBI called the congress classified info was sent.”

In Michigan, Trump referred to as Clinton “the most corrupt person ever before to look for the office that the presidency of the joined States.”

however the Republican nominee, who has expressed expect in the last week that the FBI’s review of new emails can yield one indictment, emphasized come his supporters Sunday that Clinton is “protected” by an effective forces.

“Well, you need to understand that a rigged system and also she’s protected,” Trump claimed in Minnesota, despite he readily available no evidence to back up his theory.

’It opened up a wound’

A senior Democrat close to Clinton’s campaign told the “it’s difficult to fully undo the damage of the critical nine days.”

Internal campaign polling, the source said, uncovered that part independents and Republican ladies fled Clinton after the initial Comey announcement, robbing her of a constituency the she’d hope would turn her dispute with Trump into a blowout.

“It opened a wound that cannot be quickly healed,” the Democrat said.

However, the Democrat dubbed it a relief that the “matter is resolved” and said Clinton’s campaign plans come “make everyone understand about” Comey’s Sunday letter.

Comey’s last-minute announcement provides Clinton an chance for an I-told-you-so moment.

“We have actually seen manager Comey’s latest letter come the Hill,” stated Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director, speaking v reporters ~ the news broke. “We space glad to view that he has found, as we were confident that he would, the he had confirmed the conclusions he reached in July and we are glad the this matter is resolved.”

Trump and also his allies have seized on the announcement, using it to claim Clinton was most likely to confront criminal charges.

“If she to be to win, it would certainly create an unmatched constitutional crisis,” Trump asserted Saturday night in Reno, Nevada. “In that instance we could very well have a sit president under felony indictment and also ultimately a criminal trial. It would certainly grind government to a halt.”

politics benefit

The political advantage for Trump has been the Republicans who’d been hesitant of their party’s nominee have actually largely complied with vice presidential nominee Mike Pence’s calls to “come home” come the party – detect Trump much less objectionable 보다 Clinton.

that not simply Trump’s campaign that seized ~ above Comey’s actions. Down-ballot republicans – an especially Senate candidates who had actually been required to answer for Trump’s statements for months – supplied the minute to adjust the topic, changing to the an ext comfortable ground of attacking Clinton.

The last-minute Sunday move from Comey could additionally provide brand-new fuel because that Trump’s claims of a “rigged” device – allowing him to cast the FBI director’s treatment in the presidential election in a new light.

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newtgingrich) November 6, 2016

Dems, GOP react

home Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed the significance of Comey’s latest letter.

“Regardless of this decision, the undisputed recognize of the FBI’s examination is the Secretary Clinton placed our nation’s keys at risk and also in law so endangered our nationwide security,” Ryan claimed in a statement. “Fortunately, the American civilization have the possibility to ensure Secretary Clinton never gets she hands on classified info again.”

Capitol Hill democracy praised Comey’s decision come release more information.

“While the initial letter need to never have actually been sent out so close to an election, the expeditious testimonial of this emails must put to remainder – once and for every – the irresponsible speculation indulged in by the trump card campaign and also others,” Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat top top the home Intelligence Committee said. “Voters deserve to now make their decision based upon the merits, and that decision have to be simple: it is the selection between a woman superbly qualified come be command in chief, and a man patently unfit because that office.”

Republican national Committee Chairman Reince Priebus issued a declare saying, “None that this changes the reality that the FBI continues to investigate the Clinton structure for corruption entailing her tenure together secretary of state. Hillary Clinton should never be president.”’s Jake Tapper, Jeff Zeleny, Shimon Prokupecz, Jeremy Diamond, Ted Barrett and Mark Preston added to this report.