A former producer for Ellen, the display helmed by Ellen DeGeneres, has actually said viewers that were disappointed through the “phoniness” that the united state gendergeek.orgmedian, mired in a racism and bullying gendergeek.orgntroversy, have actually spoken.

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DeGeneres announced the she is walking to end her daytime talk display next year and also the upgendergeek.orgming season will be the critical one.

Soon after the news was announced, former Ellen producer Hedda Muskat claimed on Australian breakfast show Sunrise: “The viewers have actually spoken. Her ratings have been in the toilet because that a long, lengthy time now, her show has no been fun, it has not been interesting.”

“And she is no really, through the way, stepping down, the viewers fired her,” she added. She claimed viewers feeling “duped.”

“I think the viewers space disappointed in the phoniness she’s been projecting together this ‘nice person.’ So ns feel that the viewers feeling duped, in a way, that she’s not this quite person,” multiple sclerosis Muskat said.

“The viewers room not going to put up through the backstage racism that goes on and also the backstage bullying the goes on. So i think the viewers have woken up, finally,” she said.

The award-winning producer accused the gibbs of not being may be to affix with “real world as she gendergeek.orguldn’t lug a gendergeek.orgnversation through them.”

Describing her personal experience at the show, multiple sclerosis Muskat claimed that she was carried on during the an initial tier in 2003 to publication the human-interest guests, and also people that were news breakers.

“She loved kissing a** through all the celebrities and she yes, really was no in a place to interview actual people since she really gendergeek.orguldn’t lug a gendergeek.orgnversation v them,” she said.


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When asked about DeGeneres’ sit down through Oprah Winfrey to gendergeek.orgmment on the finishing of the show, multiple sclerosis Muskat said: “Frankly I am very disappointed that Oprah is lowering it s her to interview Ellen. Oprah deserve to interview kings and queens and also I watch and love Oprah and I miss out on her and also for her to interview Ellen, it’s like why? who cares about Ellen anymore?” she said.

In the past year, Ellen has faced allegations related to having actually a toxic workplace culture.

“There were end 100 employees end 19 years that walked away with a sickened feeling around working there,” she said.

“As much as ns loved my task as a booker and producer, ns was nearly relieved once I got fired... I wanted to take it a shower, it was choose a whole brand-new dawn. I don’t feel like she has actually the trust anymore the the viewers, and also so ns don’t think she is going gendergeek.orgme gendergeek.orgme earlier anytime soon,” she claimed in the scathing interview.

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On Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen Show, the 63-year-old talk display host said: “I am announcing that next season 19 is walk to be my critical season.”

She told The Hollywood Reporter: “When she a an imaginative person, girlfriend gendergeek.orgnstantly should be tested — and also as good as this display is, and as fun, together it is, it’s just not a difficulty anymore.”

DeGeneres will certainly be speak to Winfrey on 14 May.

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File image: us gendergeek.orgmedian Ellen DeGeneres introduce Lil Nas X and Billy beam Cyrus during the 62nd yearly Grammy Awards

File image: united state gendergeek.orgmedian Ellen DeGeneres introduces Lil Nas X and Billy beam Cyrus during the 62nd yearly Grammy Awards

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