PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Andy Reid may just do that again.

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The previous Eagles" head coach may bring his Kansas City Chiefs to another Super key championship this Sunday. All he has to do is gain through Tom Brady.
Three year ago, the is precisely what the Philadelphia Eagles did.At the time, Brady, who is top the Tampa only Buccaneers come the large game this year, was the conquering quarterback for the new England Patriots.But he to be no enhance for Doug Pederson, Nick Foles, and also the rest of the Birds.On February 4, 2018, the Eagles beat the Patriots 41-33 to success their first Super bowl title.As us will probably do annually until the Eagles win another championship, let"s look earlier the biggest play the the game. (In case you missed this previous season, there was a quarterback controversy, the Eagles did no make the playoffs, Doug Pederson to be fired, and also now the team has a new head coach.)SEE ALSO: Nick Sirianni"s development leaves an ext questions than answers

The long-awaited debut of Nick Sirianni as head coach was underwhelming with vague responses and also a coach that may have come turn off as as well green.

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Yes, a expedition down Super key memory lane would certainly not be finish without reminiscing about the Philly unique trick play.

An unforgettable moment 3 years ago today...