Boston Scott, that came up big against the Giants last December, to win again Thursday. His 18-yard touchdown catch from Carson Wentz in the last minute the the video game gave the bird the win.

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Eagles running ago Boston Scott runs v the soccer in Thursday night's 22-21 victory over the Giants.Read moreYONG KIM / employee Photographer

Four work after lacking a 52-yard ar goal effort in a two-point loss to the Ravens, Jake Elliott to let go a 29-yarder at the finish of the first half that would have provided the Eagles a 13-7 lead. In the an initial quarter, camer Johnston had actually a 35-yard net punt thanks to a 14-yard return by Jabrill Peppers. It offered the Giants a first down at the Philadelphia 39-yard heat and collection up Daniel Jones" touchdown throw to ex-Eagle gold Tate.

The Eagles had just 5 takeaways in their first six games. Their minus-7 sales differential to be the 2nd worst in the league. Yet the defense went out and forced two turnovers in the very first half, one interception off a deflection by security Jalen Mills and a required fumble by mockery Sweat and also Fletcher Cox that gave the Eagles the round at the Giants 42-yard line. And the Eagles failure to convert either of the takeaways right into points.

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Lane Johnson went back to the lineup after missing last week’s game with his continuing ankle problem. But he clearly wasn’t all over close to 100% and ended up leaving the game in the fourth quarter v a knee injury. Carson Wentz, that was under push on much more than fifty percent of his dropbacks in last week’s loss to Baltimore, again to be under pressure nearly every time the dropped back. After completing his first four passes on a first-possession touchdown drive, that completed just 17 that his next 35 attempts and also threw a bad interception in the 2nd quarter as soon as the Eagles had the sphere on the Giants" 20-yard line.

Wide recipient DeSean Jackson reverted Thursday night after lacking three games with a hamstring injury. He caught a 12-yard pass from Wentz top top the first play that the game, yet had just three records for 34 yards. With the Eagles rolling by five, special teams coordinator Dave Fipp sent out Jackson out as a punt returner with 2 minutes, 8 secs left in the game. He take it a vicious helmet shot come the head and also had come be helped off the field.

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Boston Scott, that was important in the Eagles" two late-season wins over the Giants last December, win again Thursday, catching a game-winning 18-yard touchdown happen from Wentz v 40 secs left in the game. Scott had actually 92 yards from scrimmage in the game, rushing for 46 yards ~ above 12 carries and catching three passes, including the TD, for 46 yards.

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