Cowboys beat Eagles, 37-17, finishing Birds" hope of trip to Playoffs

The Eagles acquired off to a quick start however the beat-up defense can not slow down Cowboys QB Andy Dalton



Making his third start because replacing Carson Wentz, Jalen harms threw for 342 yards and a touchdown and also ran for 69, but he additionally had two interceptions and also lost a fumble.

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"It"s never about one guy," Pederson said. "Football takes every 11 offensively, defensively and on special teams to get the task done."

The Eagles take it a 14-3 command in the an initial quarter ~ Hurts associated with Jackson on an 81-yard TD pass. It was Jackson"s first game in 2 months and also his very first TD due to the fact that Week 1 critical year.

But the offense couldn"t finish off any drives the rest of the means and the defense fell apart once Pro Bowl defensive tackle Fletcher Cox left the game with a stinger.

"I"m frustrated because that sure," defensive earlier Jalen Mills said. "I was lucky enough to victory a world title at a young age so at that suggest my expectations space at the highest. Definitely frustrated I"m not acquiring a chance to play in the postseason. This team has so much potential. It"s frustrating we came up quick knowing we had actually an chance to acquire in."

The Eagles had actually plenty of possibilities down 30-17, yet turned it end on downs and turnovers on three right possessions in the 4th quarter prior to the Cowboys score again. Philadelphia then turned it end one more time.

After Darius Slay reverted an interception come the Cowboys 28 so late in the third quarter, the Eagles had great opportunity to narrow a 13-point deficit. Instead, they cursed one stop penalty and also two false starts and also went because that it and failed on fourth-and-15 instead of trying a 51-yard field goal.

Darius Slay v his an initial INT the the season birds defense really necessary that!

— man Clark (
JClarkNBCS) December 27, 2020

They had a very first down at the Cowboys 15 midway through the fourth quarter, yet Hurts threw an interception on third down.

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They had actually a an initial down in ~ the Cowboys 18 top top their next possession, but Hurts fumbled the away.

"It"s a big-time finding out experience," harms said. "I have to step far from it, evaluate it and also learn from it. Those guys think in me to get it done. … We acquired stagnant. Had good opportunities to put points ~ above the board. Those room perfect methods to score points. We stopped ourselves because of lack that execution. A many to find out from on my end. Ns take it personally. We"ll be much better for it."

Eagles eliminatedBad performance12 penalties because that 115 yardsJalen hurts with 3 turnoversEagles defense offers up end 500 yards of offense

— man Clark (
JClarkNBCS) December 28, 2020