Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are finest known for their massive family. The couple has 19 children, and also it’s earned them nationwide fame — largely from their truth show, 19 Kids and Counting. Return the pair has 19 kids, they no necessarily avoid there. So, execute Michelle and also Jim Bob actually have a 20th child?

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Michelle and also Jim Bob Duggar | Matt McClain/The Washington Post

The Duggars right now have 19 biological children

The Duggars increased to fame on the struggle TLC display 19 Kids and also Counting. Michelle and Jim Bob space very spiritual and don’t think in using birth control; as a result, they have actually 19 children and also are one of the largest families in the country. Although the display was a success, its operation was cut quick when news leaked around Josh Duggar’s sex-related abuse scandal from the at an early stage 2000s. The present was cancelled, however the daughters began a spinoff of their own, well-known as Counting On. Today, the spinoff adheres to quite a few of the children’s lives and also still sees a lot of success.

Their 19th child, Josie, had medical troubles as a baby

When Michelle and also Jim Bob learned Michelle to be pregnant with baby No. 19, called Josie, they were ecstatic. However, the pregnancy wasn’t as straightforward as her previous pregnancies. Josie to be born at just over 25 weeks’ gestation, which supposed she to be severely premature. She just weighed a little more than a pound and also spent a when in the hospital till she might be lugged home as a healthy and balanced baby. However, as Josie ages, fans have actually wondered even if it is or no she has impairment — and whether she’s gaining the proper education. Although she is a miracle baby and the Duggars are very happy to have actually her, points were not simple with the 19th child.

The Duggars obtained pregnant v baby No. 20, however Michelle had actually a second trimester miscarriage

Although the Duggars only have 19 biological kids, lock were when pregnant through baby No. 20. Ago in 2011, Michelle and also Jim Bob learned they to be expecting their 20th child. However, tragically, they shed the baby during Michelle’s second trimester. Since then, the couple hasn’t tried because that any brand-new children, however they execute still remember their daughter, Jubilee. Earlier in 2017, the pair wrote a poignant Facebook post about the daughter they shed on what would have been her sixth birthday. It appeared that after Josie’s medical problems and the tragic lose of Jubilee, the two were excellent trying to expand their family.

The pair gained custody of your 8-year-old great-nephew, so they now do have actually 20 kids

Although the two only have 19 biological children, they did increase their household one an ext time. Ago in 2016, Michelle and Jim bob were granted custody of Michelle’s great-nephew. Michelle’s niece, who is the boy’s mother, was understood unfit come take treatment of she son, for this reason Michelle and Jim Bob took him in. Back the family is commonly understood to have 19 children, their great-nephew lugged the household full to a chuck 20.

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Michelle and Jim Bob have always been caring parents, so it provides sense the they’d desire to take in a household member who required a home.