Social Security cost of living allowances are established by formula and don"t require Congressional approval.

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Published18 October 2018

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No Democrats, or any other legislators for the matter, voted for or against the 2.8 percent expense of living pin money (COLA) increase that Social protection recipients will certainly see beginning in 2019. Since 1975, COLA increases have kicked in automatically and are based upon changes in the customer price index, a number calculated by the U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics.

Here’s exactly how the society Security administration has summarized the background of COLA increases:

Most human being are mindful that there are annual increases in Social defense benefits to counter the corrosive effects of inflation on solved incomes. These increases, now known as cost of life Allowances (COLAs), room such an accepted feature that the regime that that is an overwhelming to imagine a time when there were no COLAs. Yet in fact, once Ida might Fuller received her first $22.54 advantage payment in January of 1940, this would certainly be the very same amount she would receive each month because that the next 10 years. For Ida might Fuller, and the millions of other Social defense beneficiaries choose her, the lot of that very first benefit inspect was the lot they can expect to obtain for life. It to be not until the 1950 Amendments that Congress first legislated rise in benefits. Current beneficiaries had actually their payments recomputed and Ida might Fuller, for example, experienced her monthly examine increase from $22.54 come $41.30.

These recomputations were reliable for September 1950 and also appeared because that the first time in the October 1950 checks. A 2nd increase to be legislated because that September 1952. With each other these two increases virtually doubled the value of Social defense benefits because that existing beneficiaries. Native that point on, benefits were raised only as soon as Congress spread special regulation for that purpose.

In 1972 law the legislation was readjusted to provide, start in 1975, because that automatic annual cost-of-living allowances (i.e., COLAs) based upon the annual increase in customer prices. No longer do beneficiaries need to await a special act of congress to obtain a advantage increase and also no much longer does inflation drainpipe value native Social defense benefits.

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The latest increase will influence 62 million social Security and also Supplemental Security earnings (SSI) recipients starting in January 2019. That the biggest increase due to the fact that 2012, as soon as beneficiaries witnessed a 3.6 percent boost.