You can’t let now go by there is no celebrating – multiple times – the five-year anniversary of the Chicago Cubs’ 2016 World collection title. They topped the Cleveland ind on this night five years earlier in what might’ve been the ideal Game 7 ever, and you remember all the beats. Dex’s lead-off homer. KB to run wild. Javy’s dinger. Hendricks not obtaining the call. Lester in relief. Ross’s dinger. The dang Davis dinger. The rain. ZOBRIST’S DOUBLE. Miggy’s insurance. The slip. The throw. The unbelievable feeling.

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If you desire to enjoy the work more, here’s a grasp of visual feasts, consisting of the entire GAME if you desire to go really nuts and also watch tonight:

Five years earlier today, Dexter Fowler hit a homer.

— Bleacher nation (
WatchMarquee) November 2, 2021

One of the finest videos from the night the Cubs winner the world Series. The live shot outside of Wrigley ar as the scoreboard changes to CUBS WIN!

— Cubs Insider (
realcubsinsider) November 2, 2019

The standard has actually been set.

— Chicago Cubs (

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