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It took overtime and some heroics indigenous Dak Prescott, yet the Cowboys survived a late-game comeback through the Patriots on Sunday to notch their fifth straight win, 35-29 in overtime.

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The Cowboys had an additional dominant attack outing, totaling 567 yards, including 455 passing indigenous Prescott. It to be their second consecutive video game with an ext than 500 yards that offense.Prescott target nine different receivers, most prominently CeeDee Lamb, who hauled in nine records for 149 yards and also two touchdowns, including the OT game-winner. Tight end Blake Jarwin recorded Prescott"s other score.

Dallas played fine on defense, forcing 2 turnovers and also sacking Mac Jones twice. Among the turnovers was a fourth-quarter pick-six by cornerback Trevon Diggs, who increased his league lead in interceptions.

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Not everything was so an excellent for Dallas, though. It convert on just 3 the 13 third-down attempts and was penalized 12 times because that 115 yards.

New England was much less dominant however made fashionable plays. The most notable one to be a 75-yard strike indigenous Jones to Kendrick Bourne immediately following Diggs" pick-six to give new England a 29-26 lead. The Patriots were bailed the end by Dallas" countless penalties, the defense"s stops on 3rd and 4th down and a missed field goal absent by Greg Zuerlein.

Jones perfect 15 the 21 passes because that 229 yards and also two touchdowns, with one interception. Damien Harris (18 carries, 101 yards) and Rhamondre Stevenson (five carries, 23 yards) added rushing touchdowns for new England.

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The success moves Dallas to 5-1 and widens its command atop the NFC eastern with a bye week because that the team up next. The Patriots drop come 2-4 but remain in 2nd in the AFC East. A matchup versus the jet is set for next week.

Sporting News tracked live scoring updates and also highlights indigenous Cowboys vs. Patriots top top Sunday. Below are complete outcomes from the NFL week 6 game.

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Cowboys vs. Patriots score


Cowboys vs. Patriots live updates, highlights native Week 6

FINAL: Dallas 35, brand-new England 29

7:50 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN DALLAS.  Prescott hits Lamb on consecutive plays. This one"s for 35 yards and also the walk-off touchdown. Dallas wins its 5th straight and moves to 5-1. Dallas 35, new England 29

7:50 p.m.:  The next score wins and also Dallas is firmly in ar goal range after a 7 yard pass to Lamb.

7:48 p.m.:  on second-and-4, Prescott access time Cooper for 9 and also then Pollard runs it for 7 yards. Currently second-and-3 native the new England 42.

7:46 p.m.:  Dallas has first-and-10 native its 36 after a 14 yard completion on second-and-8. The Cowboys call a timeout.

7:43 p.m.:  new England go three-and-out ~ the nice first down ~ above the first series. The Patriots currently punt it away. Dallas takes end at its very own 20.

7:41. P.m.:  The Pats start with it at the 25 and also on second-and-10, Jones hits Meyers for 14 yards and also a first down.

7:38 p.m.:  The Patriots will possess the ball very first in OT. If lock score a touchdown, they win.

End 4th quarter: Dallas 29, brand-new England 29

7:37 p.m.:  brand-new England knee it the end to send the video game to overtime.

7:34 p.m.: field GOAL DALLAS.  Zuerlein nails the 49-yarder together it hooks simply inside the best upright to tie the game. Dallas 29, New England 29  through 20 seconds left in the game.

7:33. P.m.:  Prescott access time Lamb wide open down the field to the brand-new England 31 to carry up fourth-and-1 with 24 seconds left. They speak to a timeout and also bring on Greg Zuerlein come tie it up.

7:31 p.m.:  It was second-and-10 indigenous the new England 40 v 31 secs left. However now it"s third-and-25 native the Dallas 45 after 2 penalties ~ above the Cowboys.

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7:29 p.m.:  Prescott access time Wilson because that 13 yards ~ above fourth-and-4 come the Dallas 48. He adheres to that up through a 12 yard happen to tight end Dalton Schultz.

7:23 p.m.: TOUCHDOWN new ENGLAND.  The first play ~ the INT, Mac Jones access time Kendrick Bourne and also targets Trevon Diggs again. Bourne was wide open down the field and hit in stride because that the 75-yard score. Brand-new England access time on the two-point conversion and also it"s New England 29, Dallas 26  v 2:05 left

MAC JONES said NOT therefore FAST. #ForeverNE