King of Queens, together a sitcom, had actually a many going for it. The TV display had well-written jokes and also hilarious premises. However the love of the show was the relationship between the 2 stars: Leah Remini and Kevin James. While the 2 seemingly have a an excellent relationship offscreen, the truth is the according to Remini, they didn’t constantly get along on set. Let’s take a closer look at just how Remini recounted some of the pair’s awkward kissing scenes, and why your occasional debates actually aided them together a team. 

What to be the premise of ‘King the Queens?’

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Leah Remini payment an emotionally tribute to her on-screen dad, Jerry Stiller, after ~ his terrible death. Https://

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A spinoff that Everybody Loves Raymond, King that Queens adhered to the stays of a majesties couple. The pair also had actually the wife’s father, Arthur, life in the basement of your house.

The sitcom to be a classically styled sitcom, in i beg your pardon a husband and also wife took on a rather adversarial connection through there was plainly love in between them. The husband was a hefty shipment truck driver with a wisecracking wife. 

The sitcom aired ~ above CBS and also had lot of guest stars transparent its run. Along with James and also Remini, it also featured the legend Jerry Stiller together the father-in-law and comedian Patton Oswalt as one of the husband’s friends. 

Who go Kevin James and also Leah Remini pat on ‘King that Queens?’

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Remini and also James play the husband and also wife team starring at the facility of the show, Carrie and also Doug Heffernan. Remini to be an gibbs by trade and also James was a stand-up comedian prior to the collection began. According to one interview v The philly Voice, James saw himself together the novice compared to his costars once it came to acting: 

“I was absolutely the weak attach for sure as far as exhilaration was pertained to on the show. Leah (Remini) and also Jerry (Stiller) had actually done a stunner amount of things. Leah had done so much stuff. It to be my first gig. I learned a lot with it.”

James cleared up into the duty and became a solid performer in his very own right. What make the display work to be Remini and also James’ chemistry together. Both had good comedic timing, and they played well turn off of each other throughout the many arguments they had in former of the camera. But what some may not realize is that the at-times frosty connection onscreen sometimes carried over offscreen.

The onset debates between Kevin James and Leah Remini that caused awkward kissing scenes

According come, Remini said Oprah Winfrey that despite the closeness in between the pair, there were some uncomfortable exchanges during the filming of the show. They battled at number of points transparent the show’s run. Sometimes, this fights were followed by scenes in which they required to kiss. Remini stated that castle went v with those scenes, yet not under optimal circumstances. 

“There were times Kevin and I would certainly argue around something stupid, and also we had to kiss however we’d make no eye contact.”

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Leah Remini | JC Olivera/Getty Images

Remini added that the duo’s strong bond is what brought about their disagreements, making their relationship also stronger: 

“But that’s due to the fact that we loved every other. If girlfriend don’t care around somebody, you don’t also bother to fight v them. When you tell someone to walk f’ themselves, and also they don’t rotate around and also fight with you, then you recognize there’s a problem.”

The reality that Remini and James battled isn’t a authorize that they to be dysfunctional together an on-screen team. Rather the opposite. Castle felt comfortable enough about each other to not let their arguments overtake their chemistry as characters. It’s clear the the end an outcome was much better for this, and also it’s among the factors why the present was so good.