Becca Kufrin and Chris Harrison external the Bachelor and Bachelorette mansion, in a picture that has actually been brightened to see details and the production"s lighting and also other equipment. (Photo by Paul Hebert/ABC)

What’s it favor behind the scene of The Bachelor mansion? tourism the house, watched here throughout season 22 through Arie Luyendyk Jr. (Photo by Paul Hebert/ABC)

The 9,000 square foot, six-bedroom, nine-bathroom, house is located at 2351 Kanan road in Augora Hills; Zillow approximates its value now at $3.9 million.Marshall Haraden, who’s a contractor, designed and also built the home.

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The residence is actually a house to a family of six that moves out of the house twice a year because that 42 days. Every one of their belongings are removed, and The Bachelor production crew paints and redecorates. Then, in ~ the end, lock return the home to its original condition.

The family also rents the to various other productions and uses that as an occasion space.

Owner Marshall Haraden called The this particular day Show, “People think that as soon as the show’s top top TV, it’s happening at the house. Sometimes when we come residence for dinner at 9 or 10 at night, there’s people outside the door climbing end the fence or on top of your cars do the efforts to take pictures.”

In 2013, TV movie critics toured the property, and also I wrote around what it’s like behind the scene in The Bachelor mansion.

For a tour of what that looks favor without the set design, watch this great Morning America clip:

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