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Two civilization playing music outside of the tiny A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada. Andrew Marino/ Media
regardless of what i was promised by the picture that motivated the trip, ns did no “see castle aliens” in the middle of nowhere, Nevada.

“Storm Area 51” weekend to be the IRL outgrowth of a viral on facebook joke that implored all interested parties to “Storm Area 51, They can’t Stop all of Us” — but all I found were the offline continues to be of an digital phenomenon. An ever-dwindling number of people who were committed enough to trek out into the Nevada desert, part 100 miles away from urbanity, invested Friday, Saturday, and also Sunday dithering about the near-empty communities of Rachel and Hiko.

It to be unclear if anyone was yes, really in charge. Little was planned. Zero aliens to be in attendance. But, thankfully, nobody tried to break right into Area 51.

The facility of the town of Rachel, where crowds would gather ... Had there been any. Andrew Marino/ Media In the town of Rachel, what came to be known together Alien-Stock to be designed together a festival because that anyone who was therefore transfixed by a joke around raiding Area 51, they were willing to conference in the desert to celebrate it. But the occasion didn’t live approximately dreams collection forth by its creator, 21-year-old Bakersfield, California, aboriginal Matty Roberts, who had actually initially planned to turn his viral meme right into a movement.


The entirely wild, true story of a meme around aliens that virtually inspired a actual raid top top Area 51

In July, Roberts had produced a fake “Storm Area 51” event on Facebook, arbitrarily setting the date for September 20. After much more than 2 million people RSVP’d (and the FBI proved up in ~ his house to investigate), that tried to leverage his 15 minute of net fame. A gag around attacking a military facility in search of whatever the government might be hiding there quickly snowballed into plans for a music-filled weekend that EDM DJs playing against a backdrop of alien imagery. Roberts invested the remainder of the summer encouraging civilization to head out to Rachel, the town closest to Area 51, because that live performances and also a conference of the image minds. He dubbed the event Alienstock.

Then drama ensued: Roberts bailed on his original plan less than two weeks ahead of time over “security concerns” because of the town’s lack of amenities. But the city of Rachel trudged forward with its own version of Alienstock — rechristened Alien-Stock, to protect against confusion and legal trouble — if Roberts convert his original vision right into a an ext impersonal Thursday-night dance party in downtown ras Vegas. The jokes around finding aliens mainly manifested in overpriced extraterrestrial T-shirts and some special-edition Bud Light, and small that speak to the meme’s initial spirit.

At one point, the Lincoln county sheriff’s department estimated that up to 30,000 people might take trip to Rachel and also Area 51 throughout the weekend; in the end, a spokesperson called, around 6,000 world made that out. Travellers weren’t exactly met with open up arms by Rachel’s 54 residents, who largely wanted to it is in left alone. But to numerous who drove the end in RVs and pitched tents, Alien-Stock was a successful experiment, a perfectly low-key means to send turn off the summer.

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Bud Light sponsored a separate Area 51 event in Vegas, i m sorry Matty Roberts held on Thursday, September 19. Thematically proper beer cans were because that sale. Andrew Marino/ Media Ultimately, Alien-Stock come to function as so many spaces top top the internet do, what that people in a really narrow niche could convene and find community. Come them, that didn’t issue if Alien-Stock was bereft of extraterrestrial life. Rachel, Nevada, would always be the place where a very particular combo of extraterrestrial enthusiasts, anime fans, and also meme lovers found each other.

Whether Alien-Stock to be a success depends on who you ask

The city of Rachel is one of the only stops top top a 160-mile stretch the highway that has actually zero gas station or remainder stops. There room a few small homes and trailers, and also a solitary prominent business, yet for the many part, Rachel is a huge swath of dirt, through a check out of the Tikaboo Valley hills in the distance. Alien-Stock hardly readjusted that scenery.

Entering Rachel at the start of Area 51 weekend, it to be clear the event would no be a huge dance party in the desert. Scattered throughout the open expanse that fenced-in dust were human being of all eras (mostly men, mainly white), plenty of of whom had collection up their own outdoor tasks to save themselves occupied.

Twenty-somethings threw hatchets at a haphazardly built wooden target. A team of friends played a video game that resembled overlapping beer pong, instead of the cups through garbage cans and the ping pong ball with a basketball. As for even if it is beer was involved, i didn’t notice any. Yet the beer of selection for the weekend, both at Roberts’s event in Vegas and at Alien-Stock in Rachel, to be surely Bud Light’s limited-edition extraterrestrial beer, very first announced in July when the meme was at its elevation of popularity. That tasted specifically as i remember it tasting in college.

Attendees’ outfits ranged from basic alien-themed T-shirts, to complete alien getups rendered in head-to-toe environment-friendly spandex, come costumes from the anime series Naruto, which played a function in the initial Storm Area 51 meme. Various groups of world clustered with each other under cover of part rare shade outside the tiny A’Le’Inn, Rachel’s aforementioned solitary business and also the named organize of Alien-Stock. The only trees in Rachel, that seemed, surrounded this little hotel, own by a woman named Connie West.

tiny A’Le’Inn owner Connie West found herself surrounding by reporters (including me, in plaid ~ above the right) on Alien-Stock’s 2nd full day. Andrew Marino/ Media No one taken into consideration this an extremely DIY weekend a success much more than West, who became the de facto organizer the Alien-Stock after ~ Roberts adjusted his plans.

“I’m proud that me,” West told a small group the news outlets, consisting of top top the second day that the event. “I’ve never been come a festival in my life, and hell, i pulled that off.”

West was painted together both a victim and a villain in the run-up to Alien-Stock. Originally pitched together a weekend-long collection of live performances held by Roberts v West’s cooperation, Roberts ultimately blamed West for his decision to avoid Rachel altogether and host a Bud Light-sponsored party in vegas that boring the Alienstock name.

“We began realizing a lot much more red flags, money mismanagement, things choose that,” Roberts told of his very first in-person plan meeting through West. “And from over there me and also my partners, we jointly decided to take the Alienstock brand and also just combine it elsewhere, since there wasn’t sufficient preparations that had actually been made so much to actually throw a party in the 11-day timeframe that us had.”

Roberts stated he feared that Rachel would certainly be overwhelmed by civilization who wanted to check out a meme involved life. Residents did too, urging West and Roberts to speak to it off. The town’s website, run by a neighborhood named Joerg Arnu, was updated typically with blunt warnings about how Rachel wouldn’t have the ability to handle the crowds, exactly how West had actually no framework in place, and also how visitors would be disturbing the peace.

A keep in mind on the front page of Rachel, Nevada’s website, posted the first week of September. Rachel, Nevada website however West insisted the the event would proceed when request by the associated Press one week prior to Alien-Stock was booked to begin. “I’m tho doing the festival through the ‘Alienstock’ name on it,” she said. “I’ll just worry about the legalities later.”

A cease-and-desist letter came quickly thereafter, through Roberts demanding the West stop using the Alienstock name, and also West pressing onward with the hyphen Alien-Stock. (West additionally countered v a legal an alert of her own, alleging that Roberts pulled out of the occasion unlawfully, though she later told media she had “nothing however love” for him.)

Perhaps it is why it take it multiple attempts to track her down throughout Alien-Stock weekend itself, together she reportedly spent Friday control circles around town in her beige Volkswagen Beetle. I saw this Beetle a grasp of times throughout the weekend, always parked in various spots; I never ever did capture Connie at the wheel. “Where is Connie?” i asked an event volunteer.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve been trying to gain a organize of she for three months.” The volunteer claimed she operated for West in ~ the little A’Le’Inn, however as soon as the Storm Area 51 meme go viral and the idea because that Alienstock materialized, West had end up being hard to with — leaving Rachel and its residents in the dark about what come expect.

This noticeable evasiveness played into my early on impression — and also Roberts’s — the the woman left with Alien-Stock in her lap was less beleaguered than conniving, skirting everyone wanting come discuss involves that that would finish up a chaotic bust. Thankfully, those involves were no realized; things at Area 51 itself continued to be peaceful, and in Rachel, everyone appeared too worn down by the warm or tenderness appreciative that the afternoon’s live music to it is in belligerent.

The occasion stage for Alien-Stock 2019. Andrew Marino/ Media no that over there was much music anyway. On Friday afternoon, a band called Wily Savage played for a tiny crowd ~ above what to be otherwise a phase that hosted nothing however a turntable and laptop. One unnamed DJ play slightly dusty radio hits favor Skrillex and Justin Bieber’s “What perform U Mean,” if a slight group stood and also bopped your heads. Though 20 bands had actually reportedly signed on to perform, just one actually proved up.

The bulk of the attendees seemed to be members that the press, i beg your pardon probably contributed to the lack of rowdiness. Vloggers indigenous Peru and journalists indigenous Germany were extending the occasion alongside US-based outlets choose, and also our takeaways to be similar. The lead-up to Alien-Stock was an ext interesting and also eventful 보다 Alien-Stock itself.

Alien-Stock was an high-quality experiment the didn’t live approximately the hype, but it wasn’t a full disaster

The weeks of broken partnerships, widespread uncertainty that Alien-Stock would also happen, and low attendance didn’t faze the event’s organizer. To the little A’Le’Inn’s Connie West, Alien-Stock to be an unqualified success.

“It’s been a an excellent learning experience,” West said once she finally spoke to a team of reporters on Saturday. “I’m grateful for the rollercoaster that emotions that I’ve gone through, since without them, us wouldn’t be standing right here now.

“But what renders this special and a success is the smiles that world are leaving with the memories that they have and the friendships the they’ve made. It is what matters.”

It’s hard to totally agree with that sentiment, however, once taking into account the quantity of money the local law enforcement invested on Alien-Stock in anticipation the a much larger, an ext boisterous crowd. Lincoln ar police officers and also highway patrol appeared to outnumber yes, really attendees in the range of two-to-one, patrolling the perimeter of Rachel with little to do. Meanwhile, the police that manned the Area 51 gate 10 miles out from Rachel appeared even more bored, but they were as cordial together I’ve ever before seen a cop be.

Which is good, certainly — no one gained hurt in ~ Alien-Stock, no residential property was damaged. However Sheriff Kerry Lee did tell before the weekend the the estimated costs to Lincoln County, Nevada, could climb as high together $300,000.

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“We’re looking at roughly, in between fire, EMS, and also law enforcement, most likely somewhere in the community of 300 human being working this event,” Lee said the week prior to Alien-Stock, adding, “Just my tiny department alone, ns looking at somewhere in the ar of $30,000 simply in overtime costs. That’s not consisting of the other legislation enforcement departments, another 100-plus officers that space coming in indigenous the state on mutual aid.”

“When you add all those costs,” that continued, “I think the price of just the feeding that those 300 very first responders to be somewhere in the overabundance of $150,000.”

Despite a smaller number of visitors 보다 expected, “the prices stayed the same, as the policemans were already in place even though the turnout was smaller sized than anticipated,” Lee called afterward.

That’s no a tiny sum, and also Rachel did not stand to make any type of of the back: Alien-Stock to be a complimentary event, and also vendors who collection up shop for the weekend hardly appeared to be relocating their wares.

I saw people peruse tables whereby both visitors and locals were hawking $20 shirts that said “Storm Area 51” or “Alienstock” on them, but rarely choose them up. And that extraterrestrial beer? The world selling it didn’t seem to charge less than $10 because that a measly can they brought into town with them native Vegas.

A truck offering shirts and water in Rachel. Andrew Marino/ Media but the low turnout and also high expenses to the county didn’t seem to phase West, that is already thinking about Alien-Stock 2020.

“My mom currently told me ns was ,” West said. It was a weird statement, one that attracted laughs amid some cynical eyebrow raising. West is no party planner, in spite of her proud in Alien-Stock and also positive outlook. She seems favor someone seek approval and direction — not unlike numerous of the world who do it the end to Rachel, wanting to have fun v a meme without much a game setup in mind.

So come West, the weekend to be worth it. And also compared to something choose the 2017 debacle the was Fyre Festival, which imploded after social media influencers paid high price to remain in ritzy, $12,000 tents that didn’t exist and listen to bands that never appeared, Alien-Stock was a family member success.

It did not live as much as the surreal heights hinted in ~ by numerous RSVPs to a joke event on a facebook page devoted to memes. All the media fist throughout the summer failed to analyze into equivalent real-life interest. Yet there was still fun to it is in had, even if it is it was basking in the desert’s solitude and warmth, or meeting friendly human being who to be wowed that any type of event came together based on nothing but a meme. And also the meme itself stays a fond storage — no one have the right to take away exactly how much fun civilization had online v it, even if Alien-Stock chin wasn’t the phenomenon that Roberts guess it would certainly be.