Alaskan shrub People: be affected by each other Brown Quits display Following Father's fatality Alaskan bush People"s be afflicted with Brown has actually revealed the he is quitting the family reality show. Bear"s dad Billy Brown passed away last month.

While some fans wonder if it"s simply an April Fool"s work prank, be afflicted with Brown native Alaskan bush People has announced that he is quitting the household show. However, this announcement might be real, together it comes only a month after his beloved father Billy Brown passed away because of a seizure. Bear may not be motivated to proceed with the show in irradiate of the truth that he has lost his father. He posted a tribute to his late dad in at an early stage March, sharing his grief through his family, friends, and also followers.

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Bear has actually been top top the show since it started ago in 2014. The Brown clan live off the land and even developed a unique family accent. The present has aired for 12 seasons. The critical season has shared the family members members" battle to win the pressures of nature, together a wildfire endangered their mountain homestead. Many members the the family have moved on indigenous the mountain, and all but one of the brother has uncovered a spouse. Bird and also Rain Brown space still v their mother, Ami. Ami thanked pan for their prayers as soon as Billy passed away. Fans have actually been emotion low since the fatality of the patriarch, and also now there is an ext news indigenous the Brown camp.

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The extreme son announced via his Instagram on Thursday that he would be leaving the family show behind because of “recent events." The middle son called followers that there were problems he can not comment on on social media. He added that he had made the decision to say goodbye come the exploration Channel show. Pan are split 50-50 on even if it is the show should be cancelled. Part viewers think the show should avoid production due to the fact that Billy to be the love of Alaskan bush People. Check out the write-up below:

The reality star posted a take self of himself v the mountains and sky behind him, saying the filming the show has been a “wild” ride, however he wished everyone the best. Fans are already speculating the his exit was brought about by a possible breakup through his fiancée, Raiven Adams. One more possibility is that the mother of his son didn’t want him sharing his life with the public anymore.

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Fans last witnessed Bear was once he to update his followers about his expedition to Texas to celebrate his child River’s an initial birthday. Bear had a cool time swim in the pool and also showing off his luxurious hotel bathroom. During that trip, Bear and also Raiven were obtaining along so well the fans believed they might have privately tied the knot. While fans room still wait to be told if a new season of Alaskan shrub People has obtained the eco-friendly light, castle are also crossing their fingers, hoping that Bear is play a poor practical joke.