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Shelley Morrison, who played the beloved Rosario top top Will & Grace, died Sunday morning at age 83, has confirmed. She to be admitted come Cedars-Sinai Medical center in Los Angeles because that heart fail after a short illness. AP first reported she passing.

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Morrison starred as Rosario Salazar, Karen Walker’s (Megan Mullally) maid ~ above the first run the Will & Grace. Hailing native El Salvador, Rosario (known as Rosie) had a controversial yet loving connection with Karen. The popular character appeared in 68 illustration of the comedy but was no featured in the revival, v Morrison declining to return after retiring from acting.



“Shelley’s best pride together an actress remained in playing the indomitable Rosario, in a comedy series that advanced the reason of society equity and fairness for LGBTQ people,” she publicist, Lori Dgendergeek.orgaal, said “She additionally took pride in showing a strong, loving yet feisty Latina character. She thought that the best method to change hearts and minds was with comedy.”

“Rosario is just one of my all-time favorite characters,” Morrison said recently, according to the AP. “She reminds me a most my very own mother, who loved animals and children, yet she would not experience fools. It is very far-reaching to me that us were able to display an older, spain woman that is bright and smart and also can organize her own.”

Debra Messing and also Eric McCormack, that starred together Grace Adler and Will Truman, respectively, on the show available their condolences on society media Sunday. “Oh, Shelley… what a loss,” Messing created on Instagram. “Our too ~ Rosario has actually passed on. Shelley had actually a job that covered decades, yet she will constantly be ours dear Rosie. All my love come Walter and the whole family.”

McCormack posted on Twitter, writing, “Shelley was a beautiful heart & a exorbitant actor. Her job-related as Rosario, season after ~ season, was together nuanced and real as it to be hysterical. She will certainly be to let go by anyone at #WillandGrace, she’s a huge part of it. Sending out so lot love to Walter and Shelley’s whole family.”

Sean Hayes, who starred together Jack McFarland top top the sitcom, wrote, “Such sad ngendergeek.orgs. Ours beloved Shelley Morrison passed away today. She to be absolutely hilarious and also had the greatest heart. She to be a part of our Will and also Grace family and also will be significantly missed. My love goes out to her husband, Walter and also her entire family.”

Mullally also paid tribute on Twitter, writing, “My love is heavy. Putting Shelley, her beloved husband Walter & their kids in the light. Give thanks to you for your friendship & partnership, Shell. You completed wonderful things in this world. You will be missed.” Mullally shared comparable sentiments top top Instagram, ending that article with “te amo, mami,” i m sorry is what Mullally’s personality Karen claims to Rosario after ~ her fatality in a 2017 episode.

And in a tribute shared to the Will & Grace main social media account, Morrison was remembered for the “unique, razor-sharp wit, intelligence, and humanity” the she lugged each week to the series. “Shelley gave us her very best, and also our display – and our lives – were much better for her,” the article continued.

Apart indigenous Will & Grace, Morrison had a long and also successful job on television. She appeared in plenty of episodes that The paris Nun as Sister Sixto, and The Rookies, Laredo, Courthouse, and more.

On the big screen, Morrison to be featured in films like Three firearms for Texas, Funny Girl v Barbra Streisand, Troop Beverly Hills with Shelley Long, and the 1997 romcom Fools rush In, starring Salma Hayek and also Perry.

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Born Rachel Mitrani in York City’s Bronx borough in 1936, Morrison’s an initial language was Spanish. She often portrayed Latina characters on screen yet was featured in duties of miscellaneous backgrounds.


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