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Born:September 2, 1948 (age 73)ShreveportLouisiana...(Show more)Awards and also Honors:Pro Football hall of reputation (1989)Pro Football room of fame (inducted 1989)1 NFL Most an useful Player award4 Super key championships1 All-Pro selection3 agree Bowl selections1978 Bert Bell award (Player the the Year)...(Show more)

Terry Bradshaw, in complete Terry Paxton Bradshaw, (born September 2, 1948, Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.), American expert gridiron soccer quarterback that led the Pittsburgh Steelers to 4 Super key championships (1975, 1976, 1979, and 1980).

A extremely prized collegiate football recruit coming out of high school, Bradshaw shunned timeless powerhouse Louisiana State university to attend the smaller sized Louisiana technology University in Ruston, which to be only about 70 mile (113 km) from his hometown. That broke all of the major school passing records in his 4 years in ~ Louisiana Tech and also was selected through the Steelers with the very first overall selection of the 1970 nationwide Football league (NFL) draft. Bradshaw came to be the team’s full-time starting quarterback in his second season in Pittsburgh, and also in 1972 the led the team to the first of eight continually play-off appearances. If the well-balanced team was one of the many successful in the league, Bradshaw struggled through his passing accuracy and was demoted to back-up quarterback beforehand in the 1974 season. He played his method back right into the starting lineup end the food of the season and led the Steelers to their an initial Super bowl title the adhering to January.

Entrenched together the Steelers’ quarterback, Bradshaw guided the team to a second consecutive championship in 1976. In 1978 the threw a league-high 28 touchdown passes and also was named the NFL’s Most valuable Player (MVP). In the succeeding postseason, that ran an effective offense that average 34 points per game, and the Steelers garnered another Super Bowl victory (with Bradshaw earning video game MVP honours). The team again repetitive as champion in 1980, and Bradshaw was once more named Super bowl MVP for his efforts. He retirement after the 1983 season and also was inducted right into the agree Football room of call in 1989.

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After retiring as a player, Bradshaw ended up being a prominent television soccer analyst. In addition, that acted in a variety of television programs and films, and he had some success together a gospel and country music singer. His family members is the focus of the truth TV collection The Bradshaw Bunch (2020– ). The memoir It’s just a Game (2001; written through David Fisher) chronicles Bradshaw’s life indigenous his beforehand years to his post-football exploits.