Even despite the Eagles lost, Owens’ nine records for 122 yards versus the Patriots in 2005 was video game for the ages.

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Terrell Owens never had actually the possibility to win a Super bowl in his illustrious career — however he’ll always be recognized for having the most heroic performance in the large game.

Seven weeks prior to Super bowl XXXIX, Owens broke his leg and also and tore a ligament in his ideal ankle. The injury required surgery, and also his medical professional wouldn’t clear him come play against the Patriots back in 2005.

When the injury happened, Owens believed the Eagles might still acquire to the Super key without him. “There’s no factor for the city that Philadelphia to acquire down since I’m not there,” the said, via the Washington Post. “Obviously, my existence will be missed, but we have actually the men to acquire it done.”

Owens to be right, however had no idea the affect he would later have.

Owens not just played, yet played a lot, and well.

Owens was never ever going to be cleared to play in the game. It’s significant that he also stepped top top the field, yet the volume in which the played is one of the much more impressive components of the game.

Out that 72 offensive snaps, Owens played in 62 of them. In those 62 breaks that that played, he recorded nine passes for 122 yards on 14 targets, the most of any type of player in the game.

Randall Gay and Asante Samuel both had actually the chance to sheathe Owens throughout the game, and also couldn’t think how sharp he was.

Gay, who covered Owens because that the majority of the very first half, told ESPN after ~ the game, “I don’t recognize what he was before the injury, however I’ll call you, the was choose he didn’t shed a step at all. I couldn’t be in ~ the level he to be playing.”

Samuel could tell Owens no 100 percent, though. “Some may assumed Owens to be selfish, however he didn’t desire to miss the stage of the Super bowl for himself and also his teammates. Sure, he wasn’t the very same Owens. He no have an excellent explosiveness in his run. There were times that he showed up to be limping.”

He to be the just one who knew he to be going to play.

No one really supposed Owens come play in the super Bowl. Multiple medical experts even said that if he to be to play and also get struggle in the foot the wrong way, it can end his career.

“Nobody in this room knew ns was going come play this game,” Owens stated after the video game via ESPN. “Nobody knew however me.”

Owens additionally touched on the perception civilization had of that — the he was a diva, the he wanted the fist — throughout the situation.

“The media made the a instance to whereby they assumed I was grandstanding, “ Owens said. “But favor I said a the majority of people. If Brett Favre, they would certainly have referred to as him a warrior. For me, they said I was selfish. If i’m selfish, ns selfish since I want to assist my team win.”

No matter what anyone believed in, Owens confirmed himself to it is in a good teammate. It was also a testimony to exactly how passionate that was about the game, come be willing to hazard his career for a championship.

Though the Eagles lost, it’s an all-time power by Owens.

There are not countless games in any kind of sport where a power in a losing effort is remembered so fondly. Owens’ video game on a damaged leg is arguably the most memorable.

Owens didn’t get into the room of call in 2017, with some voters citing his antics and also attitude. He’s a critical again in 2018 and knows the belongs. On Good Morning NFL Owens said, “As much as my body of work, i constantly say it, that speaks for itself.”

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Owens had actually a hall of Fame power on that Sunday in 2005. The Eagles didn’t gain the win, however he additionally showed leadership during that game. Once the Eagles were under 10, Owens said Donovan McNabb to relax.

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“In a case like that, over there is no reason to panic,” Owens said, per ESPN’s man Clayton. “When you start to panic, you’re no in rhythm. Our offense is based on timing. I just wanted to it is in in the light since if I can do that, that’s a optimistic for Donovan. He was the end there trying to make points happen.”

Owens did whatever he can in his power to supply a super Bowl win to Philadelphia, also risking his career. You can not ask for more than the from any type of player.