Ted Cruz (Republican Party) is a member the the U.S. Senate from Texas. He assumed office ~ above January 3, 2013. His present term ends on January 3, 2025.

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Cruz (Republican Party) ran because that re-election come the U.S. Senate to represent Texas. He won in the basic election on November 6, 2018.

Cruz previously served as Solicitor basic for Texas from 2003-2008, throughout which he suggested nine cases before the can be fried Court.

He won re-election in 2018, defeating Beto O"Rourke in the basic election. The race witnessed the most spending in U.S. Background specifically through the candidates themselves.<1>

Cruz ran for the Republican Party nomination for president in 2016.<2> the suspended his presidential project on might 3, 2016, after shedding the Indiana Republican main to Donald Trump.<3>

Cruz to be one of 4 Latino U.S. Senators serving in the 115th Congress.<4>

Cruz beat David Dewhurst in the Republican Party major for United claims Senate in 2012. Dewhurst had finished in first place in the early stage primary, with Cruz in second. ~ both advanced to the runoff, Cruz won through 56 percent the the vote.<5><6>

Cruz was consisted of on chairman Donald Trump’s (R) perform of 20 potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees exit on September 9, 2020.<7> chairman Trump (R) nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the seat on September 26, 2020. For more information ~ above the 2020 supreme Court vacancy created by the death of previous Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18, 2020, click here.


3 Committee assignments3.1 U.S. Senate4 an essential votes4.4 114th Congress4.4.1 Economic and also fiscal4.4.2 foreign Affairs4.4.3 Domestic4.6 national security4.7 Economy4.8 Immigration4.9 society issues5 Elections6 campaign themes6.1 20187 Issues7.3 nationwide security7.3.2 situation in Gaza7.4 Healthcare8 political activity9 project donors9.3 201210 an individual Gain Index11 Analysis11.4 nationwide Journal poll ratings11.5 Voting v party12 notable events13 Personal


Cruz to be born in Calgary in Alberta, Canada, wherein his parental were working in the Alberta oil fields. In 1974 they went back to the Houston area.<8>

Cruz graduated from second Baptist High institution as valedictorian in 1988. That earned his B.A. In Public plan from Princeton college in 1992. He went ~ above to obtain his J.D. From Harvard law School in 1995. Cruz then operated in the following positions in the legislation field: regulation clerk come Chief righteousness of the United states William Rehnquist, combine deputy attorney basic for the U.S. Room of Justice and director the the Office of policy Planning for the Federal trade Commission.<9>

Cruz served as Solicitor general of Texas from 2003 to 2008. In this role he was the youngest Solicitor general in the nation, and also the longest-serving and first Hispanic Solicitor basic in the state. Among his accomplishments, Cruz suggested 40 oral arguments, consisting of nine prior to the U.S. Can be fried Court.<10>


Below is one abbreviated summary of Cruz"s academic, professional, and political career:<11>

2013-Present: U.S. Senator from Texas2003-2008: Solicitor general of Texas1995-2003: operated in the complying with positions: legislation clerk come Chief justice of the United claims William Rehnquist, combine deputy attorney general for the U.S. Room of Justice and also director the the Office of plan Planning for the Federal profession Commission.1995: i graduated from Harvard University with J.D.1992: graduated from Princeton University through B.A.

Committee assignments

U.S. Senate


Cruz to be assigned come the complying with committees:


Cruz to be assigned come the adhering to committees:


At the beginning of the 115th Congress, Cruz was assigned come the adhering to committees:<12>


Cruz served on the adhering to committees:<13>

Armed solutions CommitteeCommerce, Science, and also Transportation CommitteeJudiciary Committee2013-2014

Cruz served on the following Senate committees:<14>

Armed services CommitteeSubcommittee ~ above SeaPowerSubcommittee ~ above Readiness and also Management SupportSubcommittee on emerging Threats and also CapabilitiesUnited says Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and TransportationSubcommittee on surface Transportation and seller Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and SecuritySubcommittee ~ above Science and also SpaceSubcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and also Coast GuardSubcommittee on customer Protection, Product Safety, and InsuranceSubcommittee ~ above Communications, Technology, and the InternetSubcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety, and SecurityJudiciary CommitteeSubcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and also Border SecuritySubcommittee top top Crime and also TerrorismSubcommittee top top The Constitution, civil Rights and Human rights Ranking MemberBankruptcy and also the court subcommittee

Key votes

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Key votes: 116th Congress, 2019-2020

On may 22, 2015, the Senate happen HR 1314, i m sorry was supplied as a legislative car for trade legislation with the title "Trade act of 2015" and also the "Bipartisan Congressional trade Priorities and Accountability plot of 2015," through a vote of 62-37. The bill proposed offering the chairman trade promotion authority (TPA). TPA, also known as rapid track authority, allows the chairman to negotiate trade deals the cannot be amended by Congress. Congress casts a basic up or under vote top top a trade agreement, and also the law only requires a simple majority for approval. The bill additionally included a statement of trade priorities and provisions for profession adjustment assistance. Cruz voted v 47 various other Republican senators to grant the bill.<59><60>Trade promo authority On might 5, 2015, the Senate poll to grant SConRes11, a congressional budget proposal for fiscal year 2016, through a poll of 51-48. The non-binding resolution will be offered to develop 12 appropriations receipt to fund the government. The vote significant the very first time because 2009 the Congress approved a joint budget resolution. Every 44 democracy voted versus the resolution. Cruz was among two Republican senators come vote against the bill.<64><65><66>

Defense spending authorization

~ above June 18, 2015, the Senate pass HR 1735 - nationwide Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 by a vote of 71-25. The invoice "authorizes FY2016 appropriations and also sets forth plans for department of Defense (DOD) programs and also activities, including military personnel strengths. That does not carry out budget authority, i m sorry is listed in subsequent appropriations legislation." Cruz voted through one Republican, 22 Democrats and one Independent versus the bill.<71> The residence passed the invoice on may 15, 2015.<72> president Barack Obama vetoed the bill on October 22, 2015.<73>

2015 budget

On might 7, 2015, the Senate voted to provide HR 1191 - A invoice to provide for conference review and also oversight that agreements relating to Iran"s nuclear program, and also for various other purposes, by a vote of 98-1. The bill forced President Barack Obama to send the details that the nuclear attend to Iran for congressional review. Congress had actually 60 days to review the deal and also vote to approve, reject or take no action on the deal. During the testimonial period, penalty on Iran might not it is in lifted. Cruz voted v 52 various other Republican senators to grant the bill. Senator Tom cotton (Ark.) to be the just Republican who voted against the bill.<77><78>

Hire much more Heroes action of 2015 ~ above September 15, 2015, the Senate voted for a 2nd time to filibuster the measure up to disapprove of the Iran nuclear deal by a poll of 56-42.<81> Sixty votes were necessary to proceed to HJ Res 61 - the Hire much more Heroes act of 2015, the legislative automobile the Senate was expected to use to reject of the Iran atom deal. Cruz voted with 51 Republicans and also four democracy to proceed to the measure of disapproval.<82> The law was vote on because that a 3rd time top top September 17, and it failed for a 3rd time by a poll of 56-42.<83>

Hire more Heroes action of 2015 fourth vote top top June 2, 2015, the Senate happen HR 2048 - the Uniting and Strengthening America by Fulfilling Rights and also Ensuring Effective self-control Over monitoring Act that 2015 or the USA flexibility Act of 2015 by a poll of 67-32. The law revised HR 3199 - the USA PATRIOT improvement and Reauthorization act of 2005 by terminating the mass collection that metadata under Sec. 215 of the act, requiring increased reporting native the foreign Intelligence surveillance Court and requiring the use of "a specific an option term as the basis for nationwide security letter that request info from cable or digital communication organization providers, gaue won institutions, or consumer reporting agencies." Cruz voted v 22 Republicans, 43 Democrats and also one live independence to provide the legislation. It ended up being law top top June 2, 2015.<86><87>

Loretta Lynch AG nomination

top top October 27, 2015, the Senate pass S 754 - the Cybersecurity details Sharing action of 2015 by a poll of 74-21.<90> The invoice proposed procedures that would enable federal agencies and private entities to re-publishing information around cyber threats. Cruz and also four various other Republicans did no vote.<91>


Cruz voted against the check of man Brennan as Director the the central Intelligence Agency. The nomination was confirmed by the Senate on march 7, 2013, v a poll of 63 - 34. Most Democrats supported the nomination, when Republicans were somewhat split with around one-third sustaining the nomination.<96>

Drones filibuster

See also: edge Paul filibuster of john Brennan"s CIA Nomination in in march 2013

On in march 6, 2013, Senator rand Paul (R) led a 13-hour filibuster of chairman Obama"s CIA director nominee, john Brennan. Paul started the filibuster in order to to mark his concerns about the administration"s drone policies. In particular, Paul said he to be concerned about whether a drone might be provided to death an American citizens within the United says border without any due procedure involved. Paul and also other polite liberties activists were vital of president Obama because that not supplying a clear an answer to the question. A total of 14 senators joined Paul in the filibuster—13 Republicans and also one Democrat.<97><98><99>

Cruz was one of the 13 Republican senators who joined Paul in his filibuster.<100><101>

Thirty Republican senators go not support the filibuster.<102><103><104>

The job after the filibuster, Attorney basic Eric Holder sent a letter come Paul, responding come the filibuster. Holder wrote, "Does the president have actually the authority to usage a weaponized drone to kill an American not involved in combat top top U.S. Soil? The answer to the is no."<105>


Farm bill

on January 16, 2014, the Democratic-controlled Senate approved H.R. 3547, a $1.1 trillion spending bill to fund the federal government through September 30, 2014.<108><109> The Senate vote 72-26 because that the 1,582 page bill, through 17 Republicans and also 55 democrats voting in donate of the bill.<109> The omnibus package consisted of 12 yearly spending receipt to money federal operations.<110> It boosted the paychecks of federal workers and military personnel through 1 percent, raised Head Start resources for early childhood education by $1 billion, reduced resources to the internal Revenue Service and also the environmental Protection Agency, and also left the Affordable treatment Act without any type of drastic cuts.

Cruz voted with 25 various other Republican members versus the bill.<108><109>

Government shutdownSee also: unified States spending plan debate, 2013

In march 2013 the U.S. Senate soundly garbage a balanced budget setup by House budget Committee chair Paul Ryan (R).<116> five Republicans joined every Democrat present to death the measure, which failed ~ above a 40-59 vote.<116>

Cruz was among the five Senate Republicans who voted versus Ryan"s budget plan proposal.<116>

The proposed budget would have actually cut about $5 trillion over the next decade and also aimed to balance the budget by the finish of the 10-year period.<117>

Some tea party members that the GOP opposed the measure because of its reliance on $600 billion-plus in tax profits on the affluent enacted in January 2013, in order to balance the budget.<116> rather in the Senate protest the Ryan arrangement because of cut from safety net programs for the poor and the consists of a plan to rotate the Medicare regimen for the elderly right into a voucher-like system for future beneficiaries born in 1959 or later.<116>

No Budget, No salary Act the 2013

Cruz voted for Senate amendment 1197 -- requires the completion of the Fence follow me the unified States-Mexico Border. The amendment to be rejected through the Senate top top June 18, 2013, v a poll of 39 - 54. The objective of the amendment was to need the perfect of 350 mile of fence defined in the Illegal immigration Reform and Immigrant responsibility Act that 1996 before registered provisional immigrant status could be granted. It also would have forced 700 miles of fence to be completed before the condition of registered provisional immigrants could have been readjusted to permanent resident status. The vote complied with party lines.

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Social issues

Violence versus Women (2013)

Cruz voted versus S.47 -- Violence versus Women Reauthorization action of 2013. The invoice was pass by the Senate ~ above February 12, 2013, with a poll of 78 - 22. The purpose of the invoice was come combat violence versus women, from residential violence to worldwide trafficking in persons. All 22 dissenting votes were cast by Republicans.<120>



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