Are you one of those people who has actually watched every single minute of every single Ted Bundy documentary and also you’re still left wanting more? Well, an excellent news. No guy of God, a brand-new film the is based on transcripts the Ted Bundy’s conversations through an FBI agent, is ultimately here. But one point we can’t forget is the documentary Falling for a Killer, which tells the story from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer and her daughter, Molly. If you’re still wondering what happened to Kloepfer ~ watching this films, you’re no the just one. That’s why we had to carry out a deep dive to discover out every the info around what taken place to her.

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Here’s every little thing you have to know around Ted Bundy’s previous girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer.

First up, exactly how did castle meet?

Bundy and also Kloepfer met in 1969 if they were both living in the Seattle area. She to be a divorced single mom functioning at the university of Washington, wherein Bundy attend school. Among other devastating tendencies, he cheated on she pretty at an early stage in your relationship, date his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Brooks in 1973 without ever bothering come tell Kloepfer about her existence.

Of course, the inquiry on everyone’s psychic is, go Kloepfer know Bundy was moonlighting together a serial killer? The answer? It’s complicated, but an ext on the in a minute—let’s watch this preview real rapid for a Zac Efron palate cleanser.

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Okay, so did she know?

Yes and no. There were certainly things that made she suspicious. It’s unclear exactly when Bundy first murdered anyone, but his spree had absolutely started through the beforehand 1970s—when he and also Kloepfer to be dating. Kloepfer was actually one of the people who reported Bundy as a possible suspect once she recognized his likeness in a police sketch in July 1974. Truly, can you also imagine worrying that your life companion was a killer?!

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In respectable of that very same year, Bundy and Kloepfer to be still together, also though he’d moved to Salt Lake City and also secretly begun seeing various other women ~ above the side. Kloepfer became even more suspicious of she boyfriend once several women turned increase murdered in Utah, where Bundy had actually relocated, so she referred to as the police to report that twice—once in November and then again in December 1974. However in January 1975, the pair spent a week with each other in Seattle and also she didn’t mention her suspicions.


Things took a turn in August once Bundy was put on “surveillance” after ~ a policeman discovered a bunch that questionable stuff in his vehicle (think: a ski mask, handcuffs, etc.), and also detectives flew to Seattle to interview Kloepfer, who confessed the she had discovered objects she “couldn’t understand” in his apartment. Among those objects were…crutches, a meat cleaver, surgical gloves, and also a “paper sack” of women’s clothing. Nope-nope-nope-nope-nope.

Kloepfer likewise told police the Bundy intimidated to break her neck and also that periodically she woke as much as him feather at she body v a flashlight under the covers. Amazingly, after every this, Kloepfer quiet let that live v her when he to be awaiting trial. As soon as Bundy lastly admitted come the degree of his crimes, the told detectives that he burned a woman’s head in Elizabeth’s fireplace, saying, “Of every the things I did come , this is more than likely the one she is the very least likely to forgive me for. Bad Liz.” that goes without saying, but…wow, what one effing lunatic.

So, whereby is Kloepfer now?

Enjoying life out of Bundy’s shadow, give thanks to goodness. Kloepfer has been life completely under the radar with her daughter—who’s recognized in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile as “Molly” and in Kloepfer’s publication as “Tina.” that said, one old audio interview of she speaking openly around Bundy was supplied in Netflix’s documentary series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes.


The Phantom Prince: my Life v Ted Bundy
In the series, Kloepfer explains that she to be Bundy’s very first phone call after his final arrest in Florida: “He called me that he was sick and he to be consumed by something the he didn’t understand. He simply couldn’t save it.…He to be preoccupied with this force.”

Meanwhile, in 1981, Kloepfer published a memoir around her relationship with Bundy referred to as The Phantom Prince: mine Life v Ted Bundy.

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yet aside indigenous that, she’s remained relatively out the the spotlight—in part thanks to pseudonyms like Elizabeth Kendall and Meg Anders, which protect her identity. That said, we do understand that Kloepfer right now lives in Washington state and also that she saw the set of Extremely Wicked.

“I don’t recognize if she’s walking to view the movie because it’s difficult, but within the filming process, she come on-set and she was a positive light on-set,” Lily Collins (who dram Kloepfer in the film) recently said. “You wouldn’t mean that through what happened. She provided us she support. She’s really lovely.”

Meanwhile, manager Joe Berlinger told Vanity Fair the Kloepfer verified him household photos of her time through Bundy and also even exclusive letters he’d composed her. “ pulled out this crate of dozens the handwritten love letter from Ted, composed on those yellow legal pads.…He created them v such a pressure that rather of them simply being pen top top paper, the was favor his handwriting to be deeply embossed right into the page.”

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