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Taylor Swift has actually come a long method from country ingénue to among the greatest pop stars in the world, and also the MTV video clip Music Awards has set the stage for countless touchstone moments in that prolific career.

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The Loversongstress has won 7 awards native 20 total nominations, through three extr nods this year. At that number, she is not the most-decorated musician by any kind of measure (Beyoncé stop that difference and, with 26 Moon Persons, puts us all come shame); still, it"s difficult to talk about the previous decade that VMAs without crediting Swift as among the major players.

As the Swifties all set themselves for this year"s show (airing top top Monday, Aug. 26), let"s take it a moment to reflect on every the awards, performances, steal mics, poor blood and also shade throughout Swift"s VMA tenure.

2008: This may not be Swift"s most well known trip to the video Music Awards, but it was her really first. The "Teardrops on my Guitar" singer, then 18, to be nominated because that Best brand-new Artist, and here"s a actual blast indigenous the past: two of her other nominees were newcomers Katy Perry and also Miley Cyrus. And they all lost the award to Tokio Hotel.

2009: Swift reverted the adhering to fateful year as a competitor for finest Female video for "You Belong through Me" -- i beg your pardon she won. The reality that she winner the award over Beyoncé"s "Single women (Put a Ring on It)" video, though, did not sit well through one Kanye West, who stormed the stage in protest.

"Yo, Taylor, I"m yes, really happy for you, I"mma let girlfriend finish, but Beyoncé had actually one of the finest videos of every time! among the finest videos of every time!" Yeezy dubbed out in what remains one of the most iconic VMA moment of all time.

Beyoncé later on won video of the Year and brought Taylor earlier onstage to end up her speech. ("Maybe us can shot this again," Swift joked, before thanking her Twitter and also MySpace fans.) Afterward, Swift said reporters backstage that West: "I don"t understand him, and also I don"t want to begin anything."

As we currently know, other did begin -- in spite of an apology the West wrote on his blog ("She is an extremely talented! I like the lyric about being a cheerleader and she"s in the bleachers!"), the "I"mma let friend finish..." moment began a years-long narrative the Swift could and would no be to exclude, from.

2010: Swift to be seemingly still reeling native the West occurrence a year later, and for her performance of "Innocent," she began by replaying clip of the stage-crashing. "I assumption: v you really did that this time/ Left you yourself in your battle path," Swift sang if strumming on she guitar. "Lost your balance on a tightrope/ lost your psychic trying to gain it back."

(West, meanwhile, closeup of the door the 2010 VMAs v a performance "Runaway," which has actually a couple of choice text of its own: "Let"s have actually a toast for the douchebags / Let"s have actually a toast because that the a**holes.")

Swift was additionally once again nominated for ideal Female Video, because that "Fifteen," though us never had the possibility to hear West"s opinion of that video, as Swift eventually lost come Lady Gaga"s "Bad Romance."

2011: Swift skipped the VMAs this year, even though the rise-above-the-bullies themed music video clip for "Mean," i beg your pardon is widely assumed to have actually been written around a music critic, received a Best video With a article nomination. The award at some point went come Lady Gaga’s "Born This Way."

2012: While her album, 1989, may be the official start of Swift"s post-country era, Red was definitely the preamble, and also she take it the VMA phase with a vengeance, performing she breakup anthem, "We room Never ever Getting earlier Together," to a screaming audience who already knew all the words to the breakup mega-anthem.

Red’s album bicycle made it eligible because that the adhering to year’s awards show, yet the singer didn’t take it home any Moonmen. However, it did kick turn off a several-year period of Swift being a fixture in ~ the VMAs.

2013: And she appearance at the 2013 VMAs will arguably go under as the shadiest. While agree the ideal Female video clip for "I Knew You to be Trouble," Swift directed part not-so-subtle the shade at her ex-boyfriend, harry Styles, when she thanked "the person who influenced this song, that knows precisely who that is."

Later throughout the broadcast, as the members the One Direction to be presenting onstage, Swift was viewed in the audience muttering what really showed up to it is in the words, "Shut the f**k up."

2014: Where better to official rebrand yourself as a pop star 보다 the VMAs? action one: hit the red carpet there is no pants. Popular music stars dislike pants. (Instead, Swift opted because that a shorty-short, warm pants unitard.) action two: perform your new pop ditty, which in this instance was the live debut the 1989"s command single, "Shake the Off."

"I don"t care if it"s the VMAs, i am not jumping turn off there. There"s every kinds of world getting little bit by snakes. It"s dangerous!" Taylor joked in the center of she performance, to express Nicki Minaj"s dancer, who was bitten by a boa constrictor during rehearsals. (The 2 artists" paths would overcome again the adhering to year.)

And step three: dance in her seat during every single performance, even if it is it it is in Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, whoever! This might not be so lot a popular music star thing, though, together a Taylor Swift thing. One of two people way, it ongoing the tendency of Swift dancing at awards shows, proving some points will never change.

2015: part VMAs spark feuds; others are supplied to end them. 2015 was a year of repair fences because that Swift, who an initial used a power of "Bad Blood" to settle any kind of beef she had with Nicki Minaj onstage. Before the telecast, Minaj had called out MTV for snubbing "Anaconda" in the video clip of the Year category since she was not a "different "kind" of artist." (Different, in this case, meant skinny and also white.) Swift took offense and also tweeted that it was "unlike" Minaj to "put women against each other." Swift at some point apologized and also Minaj invite the singer to join her during the actual show to poke fun at the short feud.

The conciliatory night continued when Swift introduced West for the video Vanguard Award. Six years after the mic-grabbing moment to finish all VMA moments, Swift came complete circle, saying, “To all the other winners tonight, I’m really happy because that you, and also I"ma let you finish, however Kanye West has had actually one that the biggest careers of every time. And also right now, ns am honored to current the 2015 video clip Vanguard award to my friend, Kanye West.”

Remember that time? and the cute, since-deleted Instagram she posted with all the white roses West sent her? prior to a tiny song dubbed "Famous" premiered in ~ Madison Square Garden? before Kim Kardashian West post a tape-recorded phone contact to Snapchat?

That to be a quite time.

2016: Taylor stayed home this year, i m sorry is just as well, "cause this night was all about Beyoncé. Queen Bey winner eight awards for she Lemonade visual album, besting Madonna for the show"s most decorated artist of all time. Not to mention, she ceded the biggest VMA performance of every time!

2017: Another year sans Swift, which probably should have been expected, considering Katy Perry offered as host. Taylor made certain her presence was felt, though: She debuted her first Reputation music video, the snake-filled visual for "Look What friend Made Me Do," throughout the live telecast. (When Perry would later summarize the highlights the the night as, "Kendrick Lamar: ~ above fire. Ed Sheeran"s friends: dead," fans dubbed shade, also if Taylor was, in fact, a zombie in the video.)

Taylor may have gotten the critical laugh, beating Perry and ex Calvin Harris for ideal Collaboration, for her Zayn Malik duet, "I Don"t Wanna Live Forever." (The former 1Der was additionally a no-show, for this reason the song"s co-writers Jack Antonoff and also Sam drew accepted the Moonman on their behalf.)

2018: Last year"s VMAs significant the third consecutive year of Swift omitted the show... Which may have actually been for the best, actually. "Look What friend Made Me Do" was not nominated for any kind of of the night"s major categories -- greatly notably, video of the Year -- prompting her fans to litter the #VMAsAreOverParty. (About the evident snub, the show"s executive producers said ET: "The dice roll and you never know.")

The categories the "Look What friend Made Me Do" to be nominated in -- finest Art Direction, intuitive Effects and also Editing -- at some point went come The Carters ("APESH*T"), Kendrick Lamar and also SZA ("All the Stars") and N.E.R.D and also Rihanna ("Lemon"), respectively.

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2019: This year is primed to it is in the MTV Taylor Swift Music Awards, together Swift racked up 10 nominations in total, including video and track of the Year because that "You have to Calm Down" and also Best teamwork for "ME!" (She"s tied with Ariana Grande as 2019"s most-nominated artist.)

Even better, Swift will certainly 100 percent it is in in attendance since she"s also set to take the VMAs stage for her first performance since "Bad Blood" in 2015 -- and very first following the release of her new album, Lover. However when it comes to the video clip Music Awards, it"s constantly a toss-up even if it is you"ll end up v love or bad blood. We"ll need to tune in to uncover out...

Hosted by comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, the 2019 MTV VMAs will air live indigenous the Prudential center in Newark, brand-new Jersey, on Monday, Aug. 26 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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