IT'S fair to to speak Taylor Swift has made hundreds of millions the pounds from her songs about past break-ups.

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The 31-year-old superstar singer famously dated actor Tom Hiddleston, and also it shows up he acquired a point out in one of her songs.


Tom Hiddleston and also Taylor Swift had a short fling in 2016Credit: Splash News

Did Taylor Swift write a song about Tom Hiddleston?

Swifties have long since believed that the monitor Getaway automobile from her 2017 album call is about Tom Hiddleston.

In the tune Taylor talks around a relationship that she do not do it have got into so quickly - which method Tom, and also how she to be "running away" indigenous an ex - i m sorry is her referring to her former love Calvin Harris.

The song says “think around the place you an initial met me" and also how "the ties to be black, the lies to be white" - this is in recommendation to wherein Tom and also Taylor accomplish at the Met Gala.

She likewise sings “It's no surprised I turned friend in /'Cause us traitors never ever win” - this seems again to refer to her being a traitor because she left Calvin for Tom and then the didn't job-related out


The former couple met in ~ the famous new York Met BallCredit: Instagram

When walk Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston date?

Tom and Taylor had a short fling native June come September 2016.

Hiddleswift became an item after us revealed the sensational photos showing them canoodling on the coast in front of her Rhode Island mansion just weeks after splitting with Calvin Harris.

Their love story covered the globe with the pair photographed in Italy, England and also Australia.

Tom even introduced she to his mum, and in ~ her fourth of July party the was watched wearing the now notorious I love TS T-shirt.

Splitting up that September, Taylor's team claimed their whirlwind romance finished as Tom wanted too much publicity native the relationship. But sources close to Tom to speak he simply got tired of the star.

Tom is date actress Zawe AshtonCredit: Getty

Who is Tom Hiddleston dating now?

The sun revealed in September 2019 that Tom remained in a partnership with Zawe Ashton.

The Night Manager actor grew close to fresh Meat star Zawe in 2018 as soon as they starred the contrary each other in the West finish play Betrayal, which later transferred to new York because that a Broadway run.

The couple are now living together in the us city the Atlanta.

She went the end to be v him in the US, wherein he has set up home together with his beloved dog Bobby.

He relocated there at the ­beginning that the 2020 come shoot his Disney+ series Loki.


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Who else has actually Tom Hiddleston dated?

Before Taylor and also Zawe, Tom remained in a partnership with his Wallander co-star Susannah Fielding.

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The former couple split earlier in 2011.


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