Tamra"s plastic surgeon, Dr. Milind Ambe, provided us every the details on the real Housewife-loved procedure. 

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It’s no mystery that Tamra judge takes very good care that herself, yet even with keeping a healthy and balanced diet and exercising regularly, she additionally had part plastic surgery to turn earlier the natural process of aging. The real Housewives that Orange County mom has constantly been an open up book around her cosmetic procedures, and also shared intimate details the her reduced facelift restore after she an initial went under the knife 2 years back and debuted she post-surgery challenge on Watch What happens Live through Andy Cohen

When considering plastic surgery, finding the right medical professional is key. Tamra decided Dr. Milind Ambe, plank Certified Plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California. Dr. Ambe had performed Tamra"s mother’s facelift, neck lift, and eye elevator eleven years ago, and the actual Housewife was so impressed through the outcomes that she knew she could trust him through her own face. Many recently, that tightened up Vicki Gunvalson"s confront too. 

gendergeek.org chatted v Dr. Ambe, who has been in practice in Newport Beach because that over 20 years, come learn much more about the procedure. Review on come learn everything you must know prior to considering a lower facelift.

I"m acquiring an overwhelming lot of messages around my surgury. I thought I"d post some of your answers here. My physicians name is Dr. Milind Ambe of Newport coast ,

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milindambemd you"ve more than likely seen the on the display before. This pics were taking all in ~ the first week. Yes ns was fear shitless! however I"ve viewed Dr. Ambe"s occupational on mine Mom and knew ns was in great hands. I want a an extremely natural look and it"s precisely what he"s well-known for. There was small pain and also bruising associated (everyone is different) the hardest component for me was remaining still because that 2 weeks. On day 12 I got the stomach flu i beg your pardon sucked! this particular day it"s to be 17 days and I feeling great, mine neck is still stiff and my ears and also jawline room slightly swollen and also numb. That will certainly all change in a couple of weeks. Incision are behind my ear and also hairline, under my chin. If you have any personal questions send me an e-mail contactTamra
yahoo.com. I"m open and honest around it since I want women to understand that everyone gets old even human being on TV and also there is nothing dorn with farming old gracefully if that"s what girlfriend want...... It"s jut no for me!