With his rugged an excellent looks and penchant because that stealing scenes, Steve McQueen was an actor that exemplified cool—and leveraged that cool to come to be an antihero superstar. Stacker bring away a look at at elements of his life story you might not know.

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Iconic actor, martial artist, and also car (and bike) enthusiast Steve McQueen to be a perfect fit because that the counterculture era, increasing up as a true embodiment of the antihero archetype.

McQueen’s look at effortless cool was underscored in movies like “The good Escape,” “The Cincinnati Kid,” “The thomas Crown Affair,” and also “Bullitt.” The actor presented a new image because that a Hollywood leading man: unconventional, rebellious, and also ruggedly handsome. To dig deeper into his legendary biography, Stacker make a list of 25 lesser-known facts around this timeless star.

McQueen’s onscreen rebel persona matched that he was in real life. He never quite escaped the damage of his volatile, unmoored childhood, cultivation into adulthood steeped in risk and also excess from rapid vehicles and also illicit substances to numerous, storied affairs. The actor was known for outlandish needs on set, including losing a starring duty in ″Butch Cassidy and also the Sundance Kid″ to Robert Redford because McQueen wouldn’t sign on without having actually top billing over Paul Newman. The made complaints around lines and costumes and, number of times, filming had to it is in delayed due to the fact that McQueen to be inebriated on narcotics or alcohol (or both). Various other times, he turned down duties in movies that stand this day as masterpieces, such together “Apocalypse Now,” “Dirty Harry,” and “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

McQueen additionally allegedly abused his wives and also lovers. In her memoir “My Husband, my Friend,” McQueen’s very first wife Neile Adams outlined persistent emotional and physical abuse. More allegations imply the same treatment of McQueen’s second wife Ali MacGraw.

McQueen’s daronger lifestyle included racing cars and also bikes. Early on in his career, he gained his hand on Harley-Davidson and also Triumph motorcycles. Through the beforehand 1950s, life in new York City and also studying acting, McQueen started traveling to long Island top top the weekends to complete in motorcycle races. His winnings every week totaled around $100, much more than $1,000 in today’s money.

McQueen’s legacy—stretched the end over virtually three dozen films and also countless tv appearances—is the of one unapologetically failure man. His signature style—often connected with Barbour jackets, Persol sunglasses, and TAG Heuer watches—and larger-than-life persona captivated and inspired audiences and also fans transparent the ’60s and ’70s and straight through to today. Keep analysis to learn an ext about the life that this iconic, facility star.

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Steve McQueen was born in Indiana on in march 24, 1930. His mommy was a sex worker and his father a circus stuntman that left McQueen’s mommy within 6 months after meeting her. Unable to cope v parenthood, by 1933 she left she young son with she parents in Missouri.

Reunited in 1938, mother and son moved earlier to Indiana through her brand-new husband. McQueen faced regular beatings through his stepfather’s hand, and also by age 9 McQueen had collection out come live ~ above the streets. His mommy responded by sending him ago to family members in Missouri, only to questioning for her son ago when she’d married however again and also wanted to relocate the family to Los Angeles. There, McQueen faced familiar abuse by his mother’s brand-new husband. ~ bouncing ago and forth one more time come Missouri, McQueen join a corridor in Los Angeles and, ~ getting caught stealing hubcaps and also getting thrown down a flight of stairs through his stepfather, ended up in reformatory school.

During the 14 months he was enrolled at the California Junior guys Republic at Chino, McQueen to be put into solitary confinement 5 times. He later said that relied ~ above those storage while acting in “the cooler” scenes in 1963’s “The great Escape.”

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McQueen was 17 once he enlisted in the naval Corps. It to be there that he learned to use a variety of weapons used in fight scenes throughout his filmography—including guns, knives, and his hands for street-fighting. Throughout his service, he was advocated to Private first Class however demoted to exclusive seven different times for miscellaneous offenses consisting of using a weekend happen to accomplish up with a girlfriend for two weeks. During a training practice in the Arctic, the ship hit a sandbank and also threw a number of people right into the water where plenty of drowned. McQueen jumped in and also rescued 5 Marines. He to be honorably discharged in 1950.

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Neile Adams, a Broadway dancer, married the then-struggling gibbs in 1956. She later on wrote the their mutual, painful childhoods assisted them to know each other. Neile additionally said she was mindful of McQueen’s medicine problem really early on, and also that McQueen demonstrated extreme jealousy that shown up at times as physical violence. Meanwhile, he to be a recognized philanderer who brought on countless affairs and flings. The pair had two children together, terry Leslie McQueen (1959–1998), and also Chad McQueen (born in 1960). Neile filed because that divorce in 1971.

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McQueen’s acting career had actually touched turn off in 1952 with a half-hour telephone brief for Bell telephone Company. The struggling young actor was passionate to take any kind of roles he could get, so in 1957 when he landing a leading role in a campy horror flick, the jumped in ~ the opportunity. The movie turned the end to be the surprised 1958 sci-fi struggle thriller “The Blob.” Aneta Corsaut, who later on co-starred on "The Andy Griffith Show” as Helen Crump, co-starred. McQueen deserve $3,000 because that his part in the film.

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1963’s “The great Escape” seamlessly included McQueen’s acumen as a motorcyclist and also cool antihero persona. However in what is widely considered the greatest motorcycle scene of any type of movie, the dramatic fence-jump to be done by the actor’s mentor, bike-builder, and also friend Bud Elkins. That’s due to the fact that the studio was worried McQueen might hurt himself. Come pull off the stunt, Elkins employed a modification to the chair to protect his body during the 60-foot jump.