Steve Harvey is a guy of numerous talents and also has operated as a host and also comedian for decades. He started out together a stand-up comedian, functioning the circuit for years prior to finally gaining his large break. This days, Harvey is ideal known together the face of Family Feud. Harvey has actually gone viral on numerous occasions, through fans love Harvey’s hilarious responses to contestants ~ above the video game show. In fact, that is his warm and also effusive personality that has made Harvey one of the solitary best master on daytime television, let alone Family Feud.

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‘Family Feud’ is a lovely reality video game show


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Family Feud has been around, in one kind or another, because the seventies. The show offers contestants the opportunity to win cash and also prizes if castle correctly identify the correct responses to inspection questions. As soon as it first debuted in 1976, Family Feud was hosted by Richard Dawson.

Over the next few years, the show went through numerous incarnations, with various hosts and studio announcers. With it all, Family Feud continued to be popular, and eventually, it became one that the most-watched video game shows on television.

In the at an early stage 2000s, however, the show began suffering from low ratings and also showrunners were anxious to discover a brand-new host, one that can revitalize the bad numbers and give a much-needed an increase to the faltering game show. After reviewing actors and also entertainers, they settled on one well-known comedian that had currently established himself together a talented host. 

Steve Harvey came to be the hold of ‘Family Feud’ in 2010

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Harvey to be born in 1957 and raised in a large, working-class family. Harvey had a happy childhood, return his family experienced a variety of struggles, and often encountered financial problems. ~ Harvey to visit college, he gone into the workforce and also had a range of strange jobs before eventually stable on a career in comedy, consisting of selling insurance, clean carpets, and delivering the mail.

In the eighties, Harvey started earning a reputation as a talented comedian and toured the country, performing in comedy clubs and also restaurants. Eventually, the transitioned to television, certification in his very own show, The Steve Harvey Show. Through 2010, Harvey had end up being a significant star, with thousands of fans almost everywhere the world. Showrunners for Family Feud had taken an alert as well, and also they hired the talented comedian together the new host.

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Steve Harvey is just one of TV’s ideal hosts

as soon as Stan speak Steve Harvey around his job as an electric engineer, Steve asks him, "Do you know what you do?!"

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In quick order, Family Feud increased to the optimal with Harvey at the helm. Harvey’s jovial, easygoing presence increased the popularity of the show, and also viewers absolutely loved his work as a host. These days, Harvey continues to organize the show, and the spinoff, Celebrity household Feud. Harvey’s reactions to contestants have become the ingredient of legend, v a few responses, in particular, coming to be especially noteworthy. 

One the the most hilarious reactions that Harvey ever committed to movie was as soon as he posed the inquiry to a contestant, “your boss simply said… ‘”Get out, you’re FIRED!” What can you do before you leaving the building?” The contestant, a dignified older gentleman, gave a detailed an answer where he defined how he would drag the boss in concern out the the building and also throw him v a car’s windshield.

Harvey cracked up in ~ the answer, and also it took several minutes prior to he was able to compose himself. The isn’t the just time the Harvey has actually lost it in ~ a hilarious response, however.

On one memorable occasion, Harvey asked a contestant come “name a an enig about self a man could only call his wife on his deathbed.” The contestant replied “I’m just gonna say that he lied about being in trouble. Well, the lied around dying top top his deathbed.” Harvey’s reaction was purely comedic, prompting viewers to crack up also harder.