‘Chicago P.D.’ is a cop drama that has actually consistently climbed new heights the popularity and broken brand-new ground in transfer television. It adheres to a team that officers and detectives of the Chicago Police Department, who occupational relentlessly to catch criminals while likewise dealing v various obstacles in their an individual lives. During the show’s at an early stage days, actress Sophia Bush, that essayed the part of Erin Lindsay indigenous 2014 to 2017, was one of the most recognizable name in the main cast.

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Sophie Bush’s popularity further soared thanks to fan appreciation she character received. However, after four successful periods on the show, bush exited the series. If you are curious around the factors behind she departure and are wonder if she will ever return come the show, girlfriend have come to the appropriate place. Right here is every little thing we recognize in that regard.

Why walk Sophia shrub Leave Chicago P.D.?

Sophie shrub served as a main cast member ~ above ‘Chicago P.D.’ and essayed the role of CPD Detective Erin Lindsay for its very first four seasons. She sporadically make appearances on other shows co-created/ executive created by dick Wolf, consisting of ‘Law & Order: special Victims Unit,’ ‘Chicago Justice,’ and also ‘Chicago Med.’ her character is very first introduced in ‘Chicago Fire‘ season 2 illustration 8 titled ‘Rhymes v Shout.’ Lindsay is a fierce and also independent woman. She dates Lieutenant Kelly Severide because that a while, yet the two break up.


Later, Lindsay starts a romantic relationship with her companion Detective Jay Halstead. She last shows up in the season 4 finale titled ‘Fork In The Road,’ inside Lindsay accepts an market to sign up with a brand-new York-based FBI team. The decision to create off Lindsay was taken due to the fact that actress Sophia shrub exited the collection in may 2017. At the time of she exit, no particular reasons were noted either through the actress or the network and also producers.

Over a year later, in December 2018, shrub explained she decision to departure the procedural collection on Dax Shepard’s Armchair professional podcast. The ‘One Tree Hill‘ reputation actress revealed the she had initially signed a seven-season contract. However, the harsh weather problems in Chicago, the show’s major filming location, began to have actually an adverse result on she body, mind, and also health.

Bush confessed come bringing up the issue several times v the producers, who reportedly did not rectify the situation. Fearing that quitting would cause the crew members to shed their jobs, bush continued working on the show. On the podcast, shrub recalled, “I said, ‘OK, you can put me in the place of going quiet of my very own accord or you have the right to put me in the position of suing the network to get me the end of mine deal and also I’ll create an op-ed because that The brand-new York Times and tell them why."”

From Bush’s words, we deserve to infer the she had actually a fall out with the producers about the occupational environment, which to be the main variable behind her exit. “I quit due to the fact that what I’ve learned is I’ve been so programmed to it is in a an excellent girl and also to it is in a workhorse and be a tug watercraft that ns have always prioritized tugging the ship because that the crew, because that the show, because that the group, front of my very own health,” she added.

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Is Sophia shrub Coming back to Chicago P.D.?

Since leaving ‘Chicago P.D.’ Sophia shrub has bring away on brand-new challenges and also been a component of many projects. In 2020, shrub made a guest figure on the highly acclaimed drama series ‘This Is Us‘ and plays the recurring role of Veronica top top the teenager drama ‘Love, Victor.’ She likewise produced and also starred in a pilot title ‘Surveillance’ for CBS, which go not get a collection order.