Captain note Howard, that starred in the first season of Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean,” has died at period 65.

“Our thoughts and sincerest sympathies space with the family and friends of the respect Captain mark Howard,” Bravo wrote in a declare on Friday. “As the captain of the an initial season of ‘Below Deck Med,’ he will always be remembered because that his plenty of contributions and also mentorship and also will forever remain part of the Bravo family.”

According come TMZ, Howard died in his Florida house recently, v a friend informing the site it to be “sudden,” however did not disclose the exact date or reason of death.

“RIP Captain note Howard. You to be a joy to it is in around,” Howard’s 3rd stewardess Tiffany Jones (Copeland) captioned image of it s her with few of the crew and Howard.

Chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier additionally posted a tribute come Howard top top Friday, calling that a great captain, friend and also colleague. “Always the gentleman. You will be missed,” she wrote.

Captain Howard starred ~ above the very first season the the Bravo collection back in 2016.

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The Bravolebrity enjoyed being manual with his crew while also prioritizing the charter guests at all cost.

RIP Captain note Howard. You were a pleasure to be roughly