I’m no going come lie, but Sofia Vergara and also plastic surgical treatment have constantly had a connection on mine mind.

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This Columbian babe is virtually too perfect to it is in true!

Yes, period is recording up come her and that’s why I have to do this now.

Before and After Pictures

If ns don’t do a complete comparison on Sofia’s face and also body, okay never acquire over myself. Let’s watch what I have found.

Has Sofia Vergara had a boob job?


Let me guess.

You’re curious around Sofia’s breasts too, right?

Well, i’m sorry to disappoint you yet I believe her boobs space real.

I can not find any type of evidence of breast implants here so it looks choose this mrs is just naturally gifted through an remarkable body. Happy for her.

Did Sofia have a nose job?


This was easier than expected.

Even though this photos to be taken years apart, however both of Sofia’s nose shapes looks the same here. This contains the leg bone and also the tip.

So, i don’t think she had actually a sleep job, ever.


Did she obtain botox?


Aging is inescapable for everyone including a goddess such together Sofia Vergara.

I have noticed that her face looks slightly swollen in current times. This is particularly evident when she smiles. The unnaturally puffy if ns honest.

So, i think there is a an excellent chance that Sofia can be using botox to treat she wrinkles.

What perform you think?

What around a facelift?


Although Sofia is approaching she 50s, ns haven’t seen any type of sagging on her face and neck area. So it no look choose she demands a facelift, yet.

For now, ns think facial fillers are more than enough for she if that’s what she has actually been using.

Who knows what will take place in the future.

Does Sofia have actually real teeth?


I love she smile.

This has actually a many to execute with Sofia’s beautiful teeth. If friend ask me even if it is her teeth are consisted of of part veneers, ns leaning towards a ‘No’ here.

Final Thoughts

I’m actually amazed by these comparisons.

Maybe also shocked in a method because it looks like cosmetic surgery is no Sofia’s point after all. She definitely hasn’t done anything invasive.

The many she might have done is filler for anti-aging purposes, and also that is it.

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