Snoop Dogg has adjusted his name many times and he is a guy who moves v the times and in many different environments. This chameleon-like capability is reflected in his plenty of name changes and also aliases throughout the years.

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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Upcoming Superstar On death Row

Calvin Broadus take it his very first stage name, Snoop Doggy Dogg, in the at an early stage 90s once he very first started do demo tapes through his crew 213 (with Warren G & Nate Dogg). The would save this surname from his time on fatality Row until he left to join Master P’s No Limit records in 1998.


2. Tha Doggfather: The father Figure

As Snoop grew and also matured a little he began to see himself a father figure with his level that success and also growing knowledge of the lab game. He additionally had gone v his re-superstructure of trials (literally) and also tribulations as soon as he and his body guard charged because that the murder.


Towards the finish of his continue to be with death Row (circa 1996), he embraced the alter ego “Tha Doggfather”

3. Snoop Dogg: Breaking the end On His own With No limit Records


Once Snoop came down on No Limit records he had actually to adjust his name to the abbreviated, Snoop Dogg, for contractual factors with his former label. The released numerous on No Limit prior to striking out on his own and transforming his name again (at least changing his alias).

4. Big Snoop Dogg: The Responsible family members Man

After Snoop left No limit he became an ext independent and responsible and even battered weed because that 6 months. With his lifestyle change he likewise decided to adjust his name and he embraced the alias “Big Snoop Dogg” come showcase his brand-new mature persona.

5. Niggarachi: Snoop Dogg The Producer


In 2009 Snoop readjusted his name to “Niggarachi” and also actually became a producer. In fact, Snoop produced an entire album under the Niggarachi name title Bacc to Tha Chuuch Vol. 1.

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Evidently, Snoop wanted a name the was top and strong like 2Pac"s Makaveli alias.