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In in march 2016,Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen experienced a heart attack. Two years later, that had another one.

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These days, fans will be happy to know, Hansen shows up to be doing well, and also is liven repairing his boat in the really hopes that he have the right to return to fishing again soon.

In mid-April, Sig said People, “I just need to be a hopeful thinker and assume the we’re walking to walk fishing. Because that me, in my mind, it’s business as usual, but I don’t recognize that because that sure. To continue to be ahead that the game, that’s what we’re doing. That’s our arrangement so we’ll be busy all this summer.”

“It lives in her Mind”

Still, Sig admits the his health concerns have given him pause.

When he speak to Hollywood Life recently, that said, “If ns feel something, I’m paranoid. Ns think it’s an ext of a mind video game than anything else. That’s the problem. I don’t know exactly how to describe that.”

In April 2019, EW interviewed Sig about the new season of Deadliest Catch. The shared, in regards come his 2018 heart attack, “Honesty what occurred was, ns was on an antibiotic, and also I had actually an allergic reaction come it. My wife and also I to be driving and also I began to swell up, mine throat, hands, everything. I was choking out on the interstate. She dubbed 911, I retained driving 100 miles an hour and went right to the ER.”

Hansen continued, “The nurse said I probably had actually less 보다 10 minutes. They gave me the EpiPen, and then my body got in a shock. I grabbed my chest and also said, ‘I’m in pain.’ They checked my blood levels and also said, ‘Jesus Christ, girlfriend are having a love attack.’ The allergic reaction lugged on a love attack, so i went through that baloney again.”

Sig’s Retirement Plans

In irradiate of these health and wellness issues, fans have actually grown curious around Sig’s future on the boat. He tells Hollywood Life, “People have actually been asking me around the last couple of years, which makes me feel old as hell, especially after the heart attack. I simply think about things differently. When you’re talking around retiring, a lot of males do the on an ext of a gaue won decision.”

The fishing captain continued, “For me, it’s an ext about mine mortality. Friend think about your life more, so i get an ext and much more worried every time we go out. That’s the truth. I’m scared. I’m an ext fearful. The does cross my mind, but I don’t understand if ns would want to retire appropriate now. I don’t understand if ns could. Even when Mandy was the end there alone, you’re still thinking… Okay, she need to be act this now.

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They must be this far. You’re tho in the video game in your head.”

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