Have girlfriend been looking for Sierra Mist lately? Well, you’re no going to find it anymore.The lemon-lime soda has undergone a finish makeover and rebranding, v a brand-new look, new taste and a brand-new name: Mist Twst.

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The new lineup of beverages includes Mist Twst, Diet Mist Twst, Mist Twst Cranberry, Diet Mist Twst Cranberry, and Mist Twst Cherry — one all-new flavor.

Sierra Mist has gone through numerous transformations since the soda was introduced in 1999, but this is the first time PepsiCo has actually done a total rebrand that the product through a whole new name. And also the formula is different.

In 2010, Sierra Mist adjust to Sierra Mist natural when it ditched the high-fructose corn syrup native its cooking recipes in donate of great ol’ sugar. A few years later it to reduce the “Natural” indigenous its moniker and also in 2014, Stevia, a organic sweetener, was included to the cooking recipes to more reduce the pop’s calorie content.

The brand-new Mist Twst is going ago to the roots, adding high-fructose corn syrup ago to the recipe. PepsiCo claims it’s all about putting more emphasis top top the drink’s taste quite than that is nutritional benefits, or lack-thereof.

Review: Mist Twst Cherry

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Mist Twst Cherry (Credit: CBSgendergeek.org.com)

PepsiCo defines Mist Twst Cherry as “a crisp, refreshing and caffeine free Lemon-Lime odor soda through a splash of actual juice.” and also that’s a very accurate description. You deserve to really taste the lemon-lime smell in this soda before the cherry notes take over.

This isn’t a cherry soda, the a lemon-lime soda with a dash the cherry flavoring. And that’s yes, really exciting since it’s a flavor the isn’t really stood for in the industry right now. The only thing I deserve to really to compare it come is Cherry 7-Up which, although I find it delicious, tastes like straight-up cherry pop.

As far as the recipe, it definitely tastes prefer the Sierra Mist of year past. Yes sir a substantial difference in taste replacing the Stevia sweetener with high-fructose corn syrup, i beg your pardon doesn’t yes, really deserve that is horrendous call in my option. Yes sir no “diety” aftertaste the you often find with additionally sweetened drinks. It’s simply a crisp, refreshing beverage.

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Rating: 8 out of 10

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