Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and her partner mark Ballas organize up the mirror sphere trophy after ~ winning "Dancing with the Stars" ~ above Tuesday.

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Shawn Johnson dances on April 13.

Gilles Marini dances top top April 13.

Melissa Rycroft dances on April 13.

Gilles Marini dances on April 20.

Shawn Johnson performs top top April 20.

Hip-hop artist Lil' Kim go admirably well and also she and partner Derek Hough placed 5th when castle were removed on might 5.

Country singer chuck Wicks had actually the benefit of dancing through his real-life girlfriend Julianne Hough ~ above the show. Still, the pair were got rid of April 28th i beg your pardon left castle in sixth ar on the show.

Former NFL star Lawrence Taylor continued to be under the radar for weeks but he and also partner Edyta Sliwinska got the boots on April 21 and also finished seventh on the show.

"Jackass" star Steve-O wasn't much of a dancer yet his fans kept him and also partner Lacey Schwimmer approximately until April 14 once they were eliminated to place eighth ~ above the season.

Actor-comedian David Alan Grier and also partner Kym Johnson finished in ninth location this season after ~ being got rid of on April 7.

Playboy playmate Holly Madison join the show as one injury-replacement dancer in ~ the last minute and gamely did her best. She and partner Dmitry Chaplin perfect 11th as soon as they were eliminated on in march 31.

Apple computer founder Steve Wozniak and partner Karina Smirnoff never ever really did great dancing, but he survived longer than countless expected and finished tied for 10th as soon as he was got rid of on march 31.

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Actress Denise Richards and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy never recorded fire with viewers and were got rid of March 24 to complete next-to-last in 12th place.

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson on Tuesday included a mirror ball trophy come the gold and silver medals she lugged home from Beijing critical summer, winning the top spot ~ above ABC’s “Dancing with The Stars.” Though just 17, Johnson danced choose a agree throughout the season, performing effortlessly with partner note Ballas and also earning optimal scores week after week. “This has actually been the finest experience ever,” Johnson said of she victorious operation on the show. “I’ve grown for this reason much.” Finishing second – much less than one percent that the vote behind Johnson – was actor-model Gilles Marini, best known because that a small duty in the “Sex and the City” movie, who graceful dancing with companion Cheryl Burke additionally kept that a front-runner for many of the season. Melissa Rycroft, the jilted would-be bride of “The Bachelor,” come up brief once again, placing third in the challenge with partner Tony Dovolani. When Rycroft danced well throughout the season, her relative lack of fame likely deprived her of the voting base took pleasure in by Johnson, one of the darlings that the 2008 Olympics. referee Len Goodman praised the high level of competition on the show this season. “This has been, there is no a doubt the best season ever,” Goodman said. “We’ve gained the three best dancers right here in the final.” The season offered surprises throughout, together stars one might think can dance went at an early stage (Go-Go’s singer Belinda Carlisle, first to be eliminated) and those who seemed choose to have have two left boots stuck roughly (rodeo driver Ty Murray, perfect fourth). Part disappeared with scarcely a ripple – David Alan Grier and Denise Richards, you guys were actually on this show? While rather made larger splashes during their brief run – Apple computers co-founder Steve Wozniak yes, really couldn’t dance a lick, but he endured at the very least two weeks much longer than anyone expected and finished tied for 10th ar with Playboy Playmate Holly Madison. Injuries were the other big story the the season together ballroom dancing appeared as hazardous together the pro sporting activities from which contestants such together Lawrence Taylor (a retirement NFL linebacker) and also Steve-O (a retired, or possibly on hiatus, “Jackass” actors member) came. TV personality Nancy O’Dell blew out her knee and singer Jewel fractured her tibias before the display began and both had actually to be changed (Madison and also Rycroft were the last-minute additions). Throughout the season Steve-O and Rycroft hurt themselves enough that they might not carry out on the live TV display – their dances to be judged from dress rehearsal videos. Wozniak also struggled through leg injuries before his elimination. Johnson’s success was foreseen by our official predictionbut reader in ours weekly pollthought someone rather deserved come win.