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Shawn Johnson Eastand Andrew eastern are officially parental of two! The 29-year-old previous Olympic gymnast and the experienced football player have welcomed their second child, a baby boy, together.

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The couple shared the news ~ above Tuesday through their company, Teddy & Bear, which noted in an Instagram Story the both mom and baby space doing well.

The pair enlisted the help of your 1-year-old daughter, Drew, come announce their pregnancy in January. "Here we go again,"Shawn captioned a series of maternity image that contained her husband and also Drew. In one beloved snap, attracted proudly organized up a pair of baby sneakers, while she parents looked gorgeous in semi-matching black color outfits.

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The complying with month, Shawn challenged a hardship when she was diagnosed with COVID-19. "Yes, I"m nervous about being pregnant and also the baby,” she told fans on Instagram as she quarantined away from her husband and daughter. “Just trying come get enough rest for this reason I deserve to heal. I miss out on my husband and baby girl, however again, it"s the least I have the right to do to store our family members healthy."

Shortly before sharing the sex of their baby with their pan on YouTube, Shawn and also Andrewposted image from your romantic babymoon in Los Cabos, Mexico. “The ideal babymoon ever!” Shawn gushed together a video montage from their trip in March. “Truly the best vacation we have actually been on! Baby... Thanks for offering us an excuse to go ;) haha and also
andrewdeast say thanks to you for always making me feel favor a million bucks.”

Shawn and Andrew tied the knot in April 2016 and also welcomed drew in October 2019 after suffering a miscarriage. In spite of having to spend her very first Mother’s job in quarantine, Shawn called ET she to be “very lucky” for she family.

“Given what"s been going top top in the civilization right now, i think the biggest difficulty is just trying to deal with the natural worry that you have as a mom, make the efforts to defend your baby and also make sure they remain healthy," she said. "We didn"t have actually anything major planned. I wanted to hang out with my mom and my mother-in-law, and then my grandmas. We carry out like the generational thing, especially due to the fact that I gain to speak to myself "Mom" for the very first Mother’s Day."


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