Sharon Osbourne feel her ideal in red—hair, the is. After ~ 18 year of attract the signature color, The speak co-host switched points up and tried one all-white mane, also briefly switching it come frosty pink. However neither hair shade felt right.

“I recorded a glimpse the myself in the mirror, and also I’m like, ‘Nah, girlfriend look like Grandma Clampett,’” she stated on a recent episode of The Talk, introduce to a character from the 1960s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies. “And then i thought, ‘Nah, I’m changing it back,’ and that’s what ns did.” She admitted that the impulse to be heightened through her current birthday—she turn 68 on Oct. 9.

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Osbourne’s journey to irradiate hair began about eight months earlier when she shocked the world with her silver strands, following in the footsteps of mrs Fonda. The procedure took colorist Jack Martin, who additionally transformed Fonda’s hair, eight hrs to complete. “Sharon has 100% white hair and she to be coloring her hair once a week,” he created on Instagram. “She described to me the she want to do this change long time ago but every time she make the efforts it ends up with a catastrophe … i didn’t promise anything but I called her i will shot my best.”

“I was just so fed up of going and having that dyed and also having the dyed, and I just was like, ns can’t perform this anymore,” Osbourne defined at the time, introduce to spanning her organic greys. “I’m like, why am i trying to do something or it is in something that I’m not? So, simply be that you are.”

Now, she’ll be back to weekly salon visits. “I simply couldn’t stay away native the red,” she wrote on her Instagram Story, every Today. However, as soon as she common the news on she grid, she stated she’s not opposed come trying new colors in the future. “Back come Red,” she captioned the post. “What shade should I try next?”


Some fans to be so glad to view her standard look again and also others already miss the platinum.

“I love the red! glad it’s back❤,” one pan commented. “I loved the silver!!!!” an additional wrote.

“Red is your color!! constantly gorgeous ❤️,” an additional added. New shade suggestions contained lavender, blue, and also blonde, so she next large reveal can truly it is in anything.

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