SHAQUILLE O’Neal was well-known for a the majority of things during his playing days, however long-distance shooting to be not among them.

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SHAQUILLE O’Neal was well-known for a lot of things during his playing days, yet long-distance shooting was not one of them.

In fact, the legendary big man had much more broken backboards 보다 he had made 3-point shots during his 19-year NBA career.

For together abysmal as O’Neal to be from past the arc, that still somehow controlled to do one shot indigenous downtown, his just career three gendergeek.orging two decades ago Feb. 16 in the Orlando Magic’s 121-91 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Fresh off an illustration in the 1995 NBA Finals, the Magic were among the league’s premier teams at the time many thanks in large part to the former rookie the the year and scoring champ O’Neal, that averaged 26.6 points, 11.0 boards and also 2.1 blocks per game in his last season in Orlando.

The Bucks, meanwhile, were moving the the opposite direction in their fourth and also final miserable season under coach Mike Dunleavy.

The disparity in between the clubs verified in the first quarter of the game, as the Magic ran the end to a 40-25 lead. The 40 points to be the most in a quarter for Orlando the entire 1995-96 season — the team’s 60.3 every cent shooting that night also represented a season-high — however the team would have never hit the magic number had actually it no been because that Shaq’s buzzer-beater to end the frame.

The bank shot 3-pointer, turn off a nearly full-court pass from reserve forward Joe Wolf, gave O’Neal 19 points and also 12 rebounds for the first quarter alone and also seemed gendergeek.orge send the Bucks reeling. Milwaukee came into Orlando winners of 4 of 6 games but went 6-23 under the stretch ~ the loss gendergeek.orge the Magic.

“That to be like pouring salt ~ above an currently open wound,” Milwaukee centre Vin Baker called the Orlando Sentinel after ~ the video game of Shaq’s shot. “And we never got earlier into it.”

And though it’s tough to reference a please of the magnitude top top one 3-pointer, enabling a Shaq trey is the form of blow that might convince any team the it’s doomed.

“I assumed the civilization was going gendergeek.orge fall,” Dunleavy included of the shot. “(I was) waiting for the roof gendergeek.orge gendergeek.orge down.”

O’Neal can not be reached for this story, yet at the time — and also in standard Shaq layout — that made the sound favor he knew the off-balance heave to be going in indigenous the minute it left his substantial hand.

“You guys are jealous due to the fact that I’m shoot 1,000 per cent behind the 3-point line,” O’Neal said The connected Press after the victory, which tied one NBA document for consecutive house wins to begin a season at 27.

(Orlando’s operation eventually ended after 33 games, and also the Magic finished the year 37-4 at the old Orlando Arena; however, the Chicago Bulls, that very same year, won their first 37 at home, perfect 39-2 at the joined Center and also eventually brushed up the Magic in the eastern Conference finals.)

“(Coach) Brian Hill called the play,” O’Neal included of the bucket. “I gained it. Ns shot it and also I hit it. I referred to as glass. You simply didn’t listen it.”

Unfortunately, Shaq’s touch from deep against the Bucks wasn’t precisely the begin of a trend.

During his career, O’Neal attempted 22 regular-season 3-pointers with the lone make. (Twenty the them came in his an initial 10 seasons, so Phil Jackson must have actually talked part sense into him by 2002.) O’Neal never ever attempted a 3-pointer in the playoffs, but he was also known gendergeek.orge hoist an occasional 3 in the All-Star Game, walk 0-for-2.

Those struggles didn’t stop O’Neal from functioning on his range, however. The previous coach Hill, currently a FOX sporting activities Florida broadcaster, stated Wednesday the O’Neal was always known to put up a couple of shots from 3 at the finish of practice, a heritage he ongoing throughout his career.

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“Dennis Scott to be his ideal friend on the team, therefore they would constantly fool approximately shooting 3s,” Hill said. “Or sometimes at the finish of a shootaround or practice you’d have a dispute just for fun making shots indigenous halfcourt putting men on teams and also gendergeek.orgpeting.”

As for just how Shaq carry out in those? Suffice it gendergeek.orge say it’s not a shock he made only the one.

“I wouldn’t call him a an excellent 3-point shooter, let’s put it the way,” Hill said. “He might get the sphere up there on the rim, yet he wasn’t walking to make too numerous of them.”